Thursday, 24 February 2011

Jordan's On The Plane? In That Case...

Victoria Beckham found out that she was going to be on the same flight as her longtime rival, Jordan, back to L.A from London, and she decided to skip the hassle she was almost certainly going to get by changing her flight. She switched from Virgin Atlantic to an Air New Zealand flight half an hour later, and was accompanied in doing so by Cheryl Cole! Clearly the two women couldn't be arsed to deal with the drama that follows Jordan...sorry, Katie Price, wherever she goes.

Jordan tweeted on the plane "Taking off, people say victoria on flight, this is not true", not any more love, she's avoiding you.


I Guess Your Invite Got Lost In The Post, Fergie...

Oh dear...

Ex-Royal and seller of access to royalty, Sarah Ferguson, is apparently livid, as she has not been invited to the royal wedding in April. Hardly surprising really, when you think that she is no longer a royal and she tried to sell access to them while continuously embarrassing the family over the past twenty years.

Anyway, just to rub salt in the wound, the owner of Kate's favourite pub had been invited, and he's defos not royal. John Haley, landlord of the Old Boot near Bucklebury, Kate's hometown, said "It's a great honor. I've known the family for a long time. They are a lovely normal family, and I'm very happy for Kate. I don't know what I'll wear though or what I'll get them as a present."

John is one of 1,900 guests to the wedding on April 29th. Sarah Ferguson is not.

U2 To Headline Glasto...great.

Everyone's least favourite humanitarian whiner, Bono, will headline this year's Glasto festival as part of U2. The classic rockers are pretty excited about the gig, with The Edge (I can barely even type the name without revulsion at the pretentiousness of it all...) says;

"We're so excited to get to play in front of the world's greatest festival audience. It's more a way of life than a festival. We're all looking forward to coming back to pick up where I left off, U2 will be playing June 24th…we'll see you there."

I like U2's older stuff, but the more recent albums...they're pretty meh. Hopefully they'll make a big return to form, and Bono won't be a dick and try to harangue festival goers and guilt trip them about their western consumerism and the price of their tickets compared to the annual income of an African family while swanning around with his ludicrously expensive sunglasses and hats and his remaining millions in the bank that he keeps for himself and doesn't donate to the causes he supports....sorry about that...he irritates me, as you may have guessed!

Damn. No Swoony Preident Clooney.

George Clooney has rubbished reports that he wants to run for President of the U.S.A. The politically active actor says that he's tried too many drugs and had sexy times with too many women to be a respectable enough figure to represent America on the political world stage.

Gorgeous George does speak out about the importance of young actors and singers harnessing the power of hte clamour for celebrity culture though, saying  "There is more attention on celebrity than ever before — and there is a use for that besides selling products. A lot of the young actors I see coming up in the industry are not just involved, but knowledgeable on a subject and then sharing that with fans."

Personally, I'd like to see George's manly profile on the U.S coinage, but that's probably because I don't live in America and can therefor think pretty wishfully regarding the state of their politics.

America Loves Adele!

British singing sensation Adele has had to move some of her American tour dates to bigger venues in order to cater for the huge demand for tickets. She has also added several extra dates so that as many people as possible can hear her soulful voice live as possible. The changes are as follows...

May 21 New York, NY United Palace Theater ONSALE Saturday, Feb 26 at 12:00pm
June 1 Seattle, WA – MOVE to the Paramount Theatre ONSALE Saturday, Feb 26 at 10:00am
June 9 Los Angeles, CA – MOVE to the Palladium ONSALE Saturday, Feb 26 at 10:00am

Lucky Americans!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lindsay Is (Almost) Defos Going To Jail

Uh-oh... Lindsay Lohan is in some serious shizz after her court appearance this morning. Because she's up for stealing a neacklace, she's in violation of her probation, which means that the judge has the right to put her in jail after her preliminary hearing on 10th March.

The judge has offered her a deal whereby she would be in prison for six months, but she would have to plead guilty. If she pleads not guilty, then the judge has the option to haul her skinny bum into jail while she awaits trial. Word is that Linds will probably plead either guilty or no contest, and then try and bargain the six months down to as little as possible.

This whole thing makes me really sad, and I hope that she can persuade the jury of her innocence, if innocent she is, but I really doubt it. Her reputation preceeds her, and I would imagine both judge and jury would take pleasure in sending her down. She is going to be made an example of to the highest degree, and I really don't think that's good for her as a recovering addict.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Alex Pettyfer Is Coco-Loco....

...or so says his (very) recent ex, Glee starlet Dianna Agron. The pair co-star in new film I Am Number Four, and were living together in cozy relationship bliss until Dianna broke the whole thing off earlier this week and moved out. Us Weekly claims that Dianna is now living in secret in a hotel under an alias, as she's afraid Alex will come after her. Pettyfer was seen having a huge rant at Sebastian Stan (Black Swan hot property), accusing him of sleeping with Dianna, and Us Weekly's source claims that Alex was threaening and abusive towards his ex in a phone call, although that accusation is strongly denied by his reps.

What a mess! I guess two beautiful people equals one ugly breakup!

Kylie Could Use Surrogate

Kylie Minogue has revealed that she may choose to adopt or use a surrogate when the time comes for her to have a baby. The 42-year old hottie is concerned that after beating breast cancer a few years ago, she may not be able to conceive, and that if she does, it may be dangerous for both herself and the baby.

Speaking after being questioned about her sister Dannii's baby, Kylie stressed the importance of family and children in her life, although she said that she had no current plans to marry her boyfriend of three years, Andres Veloncoso, who is 10 years junior to Ms. Minogue...cheeky.

Egyptian Baby Named.....Facebook!

O.K, so I know that this blog is all about celebrity news and so on, but this story causght my eye due to it's total amazingness. And if celebrities can give their children ridiculous names (I'm looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin) then why can't randon Egyptian revolutionaries?

After the extensive use of social networking sites to instigate and coordinate the recent revolution in Egypt, a man named Gamil Ibrahim has named his newborn daughter after the mother of all social netowrks, Facebook. He spoke to local newspaper Al-Arham, expressing "his joy at the achievements made by the January 25 Youth." The baby had received many gifts from local people, many of whom were involved in the protests, and everyone seems very pleased at the name dedication.

Defos my story of the day.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Yay! Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Back On!

It's relationship reports a go-go today!

After sadly beaking off their engagement last year, it seems as though Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are defos back on. The two were spotted meeting up at Rachel's West Hollywood home a few days ago, with Hayden going so far as to say "you can't deny" the photographic evidence. Hopefully they can make things work this time, they make a great couple.

Amanda Seyfried is NOT f***ing single, O.K?

Amidst reports of Amanda Seyfried splitting up from her boyfriend Ryan Phillippe, the actress has taken to a U.S website to deny the rumours, saying simply "that is so f***ing not true."

The rumours started after Ryan was said to have been caught chatting up Rhianna at a party, although the entire incident, as well as the split rumours are denied by Amanda. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan was chatting up Rhianna...he's not exactly got a reputation of being particularly faithful. He is said to have cheated on ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, causing their divorce, and also then cheated on the woman he left Reese for, Abbie Cornish. Not the best track record, is it?

I hope the rumpurs are false, though. Amanda seems like a really great girl, and she's always really funny, open and honest in interviews. And she has a tattoo that says 'minge'...and she uses the c-word. My type of girl.

Lindsay And Sam, Sitting In A Tree...


It seems as though the on-off relationship between Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan may well be back on, after reports of Lindsay sneaking out of Sam's house through the bushes (I'll bet it was through the bushes...ha...) on Valentine's Day. They also left an L.A club together the other night, with Sam later tweeting "watching grey's anatomy - my fav show - @lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me." Linds only lives next door to Sam, so maybe it was just a little sleepover, but somehow, I imagine it wasn't.

Although the relationship between the two ladies has often been volatile, culminating in Sam getting a restaining order against Lindsay at one point, when they were happy together it always seemed to improve Lindsay's looks and behaviour. Perhaps a relationship is a bit much for Lohan right now, but hopefully the two can make things work this time around...15th time lucky, maybe?

Dramz for Cheryl and Derek

A source close to Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough has spoken to The Sun about the pair's troubled relationship. Apparently, ever since their New Year's break in South Africa, things have been increasingly strained between the two. The source states that Cheryl has spoken to Derek and told him "they should not push things." At a recent meeting, the source describes how Derek was worried that he couldn't understand what Cheryl was thinking, as she seemed less tactile than usual, but at the same time seemed to be happy to see him. The poor lad just wants to know where he stands!

Cheryl has recently spoken to Heat magazine about her remaining feelings for ex-husband Ashley, and how difficult the last year has been for her with her divorce and her life-threatening malaria. Perhaps Derek just needs to listen to what his lady is saying and try not to push her too far until she's ready.

GaGa fibs about Madonna?

In the face of criticism over her new single Born This Way, GaGa defended herself, saying that Madonna's team had sent her an email approving of her new single. The song itself sounds incredibly similar to Madonna's classic Express Yourself, and has the same positive message associated with the song. However, Madonna's team have stated that they are unaware of any email being sent to the Lady, sparking suspicions that she made the email contact up.

I think that the message GaGa promotes about acceptance and being yourself is wonderful, but it would be even better if her music remained individual and distinctive in its sound. That way she really could become the Madonna of this generation, because if there is one thing that Madonna is, it is original.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Johnny Depp's Got The Bieber Fever

After Justin Bieber crashed a press conference for Johnny Depp's new film Rango, the actor had admitted that he is "riddled with Bieber fever" after his daughter, Lily-Rose, became obsessed with the popstar. Depp says "It was the first time I had heard the term, 'A Belieber' and I admitted that I was a Belieber and he magically appears - there he was."

Every day my love for Johnny Depp increases....sigh.

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Princess!

Kate's legs especially look healthier in the second picture
There have been conflicting reports recently that Kate Middleton either wants to lose weight,or gain it for her wedding in April. While I think she's got a cracking figure anyway, it seems as though she is losing weight quite quickly, whether she is actively doing so or not.

It is claimed that she has already dropped two dress sizes, from a size 10 to a small 6, which would be roughly a US size 8 to a small 4. Personally, I've always though she looked about an 8, but hey ho. Anyway, the fact that she's lost so much weight so quickly is sparking fears that she might end up with an eating disorder, or other problems with food. The concerns are deepened by the fact that William's mother, Princess Diana, suffered from bulimia and struggled to keep her weight low as she lived in the spotlight.

Kate seems like a sensible person, and hopefully her weight loss is just down to nerves about the big day. I'm sure she'll look a million times better if she walks down the aisle with that healthy country girl figure and glow that she is so admired for.

Aniston Bans Montag From Red Her Carpet

Heidi Montag was conspicuous by her absence (rather than her chest) at the recent premiere of new film Just Go With It, which she appears in. The rumour mill is rife with reports that the film's star, perennial rom-commer Jennifer Aniston, had banned Heidi from walking the red carpet at the premier, because she thought of her as being "too polarising". Fair point.

Heidi, however, was none too pleased about this and responded fully and publicly, saying “I'm so upset. I was so excited! This is the first movie I've ever been in and I can't walk the red carpet because Jennifer Aniston decided I was ‘too polarising.’... I've been such a huge Jennifer Aniston fan my entire life and it's just really upsetting that she would do this to me." She also complained that Jen should know how dofficult the business is, and that it wasn't nice of her to hinder Heidi's path to stardom.

Since then, Heidi has retracted what she said before and apologised, saying that she believed rumours that turned out not to be true. Her invite arrived and she was able to walk the red carpet, just like in her dreams. However, she actually ended up not going to the premiere anyway, giving the excuse "I had to be in Los Angeles with my dogs." Considering the fuss she made previously, you'd have thought she could find someone to look after the dogs for one night. Maybe the rumours weren't quite so unfounded after all...

Bristol Palin To Run For Office?

Dear America,

Bristol Palin has stated that she will probably run for office "further down the road". She says that "If I saw something that needed to be changed, then I would step up to the plate and do something about it." Please do not let her.


Born To 'Express Yourself' This Way...

Today saw the release of Lady GaGa's new single, Born This Way...and it's just more proof that all she really is musically is a rip-off Madonna merchant. There is no originality or flare to her new song; rather it is a cheap copy of Express Yourself, but without any of the force and vitality of the original. I guess the  spoken section makes it a little bit different though...oh no...hang on a minute...Madonna did that too, in Vogue.

Born This Way just lacks a sense of life, giving the impression to the listener that GaGa doesn't really care enough to be original. I know that her whole mission statement is originality, but this is not it.  Far from being a progression from her last output, is a total backwards move. GaGa said that she was going to change the world with this song, and while that was never going to happen, she hasn't even made a slight impact on pop music with it. I've heard more originality this year from far less successful or idolised artists. I've never been a particular GaGa fan, although I have always enjoyed her songs at parties or clubs. This, though, I would happily never hear again, given the fact that I already have Madonna's classic to go to if I'm in the mood for it.

Even as a bit of a skeptic of the 'mother monster', I am beyond disappointed. Madonna should totes sue. That's teach her.

Oh. My. God.


There are no words to describe the amazingness of ths news. Dylan is an utter music legend, and his presence at the Grammys will add so much to the whole night. Dylan will be performing alongside folk-indie newcomers Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers. Both bands already know what they will sing, while Dylan's chosen song is being kept close to the vest.

This just elevated the Grammys line-up to a whole new level.

Madonna Screening Film In Berlin

Madonna is to screen her upcoming film, W.E, to European distibutors in Berlin. However, the entire film will not be shown. Instead, there will just be several clips which will gove an idea of the "buzz" the film will have and create around itself.

With Madonna's filmic track record resembling a steming pile of turd so far, I don't have the highest of hopes that she's going to pull off anything different now that she's behind the camera. Hopefully for her it will be a success, but to be honest, I doubt it.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Selma Shows Off Her Bump

Selma Blair was on the beach with boyfriend and babydaddy Jason Bleick in Malibu yesterday, showing off what appears to be quite the baby bump! Selma only announced her pregancy two weeks ago, and it seems she was very sensible and waited until she was relatively far along to tell the world her good news. Although nowhere near Natalie Portman size, her bump looks like it's coming along very nicely, and it's nice to see pregant mums-to-be just relaxing and taking time out from the stress of preparing for a new arrival.


Lindsay and Glee: Not Friends.

Just as Lindsay Lohan kissed and made up with the cast of Glee for referencing her in their episode with Gwyneth Paltrow, they go and spoil it by putting her mother, Dina, on their fictional 'Losers of the Year' list from the most recent episode. Apparently, Linds is not getting really annoying, with friends saying that she just wants the show to "mind its own business" and stop picking on her and her family.

To be fair, they make it pretty easy to pick on them...perhaps if Dina stopped famewhoring, and the family learned how to take a joke, it wouldn't be such a big deal.

Blake Lively To Play Carrie Bradshaw?

 Although the two Sex And The City sequel films were average at best, it looks as though series creator Michael Patrick King is keen to expand the franchise further. Candace Bushnell, the authour of the original SATC books, recently released The Carrie Diaries, which covers the period of Carrie's arrival in NYC and her time before she met Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

Sources are suggesting that Gossip Girl Blake Lively is thought to be the ideal candidate for the role, and I can see why. She's really much more beautiful than SJP (sorry, but it's true!) and she looks good in clothes, can walk in heels and is alright in terms of acting, which is pretty much all that's required. Perhaps from her point of view it's a little bit too much of the same thing as she does in her GG role, but it's certainly a good opportunity.

Kim K Kicked Off Pince's Stage!

Kim Kardashian was invited onstage at Prince's most recent gig in Madison Square Garden. As we all know, Prince has got some serious moves, so he asked Kimmy to join in and dance. She, however, didn't dance!!...spoilsport. Prince was none too happy about this lack of groove, so he kicked her off stage and carried on with his performance.

Kim later tweeted "I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!" That's understandable. The man is a little package of condensed sex. At least she wasn't being moody and scared to look silly, it was just nerves.

Fortunatey for Kim, Prince is a benevolent sort of guy, so he invited her back up onstage later in the performance, and this time she did get her groove on and have a dance. If prince eve askes me to dance...oh...I think I would have some kind of seizure!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Marisa Miller's Victoria's Secret...She Only Has One Arm.

Oh, dear. Someone's going to be in trouble after this. Whoever is in charge of photoshop at the Victoria's Secret website HQ, most likely. Somehow this bizarre photograph of the absolutely stunning Marisa Miller, sans her left arm, appeared to advertise the brand's 'The Sexiest Polo' shirt. In such a huge company, how is it possible for this to be overlooked?

I guess it's apt, seeing as some of their undies arm and a leg (in the UK at least) jokes are wonderful, I know.

Chelsy and Hazza Back Together?

Well, well, well. It seems that Prince William isn't the only loved-up royal right now! Sources are saying that my bevoled Prince Harry is back together with his on again, off again girlfriend Chelsy Davy (who, incidentally, lived down the road from me in Leeds a couple of years ago, and she's MUCH more attractive in real life than she is in pictures. Also, my housemates and I had two fish named after them...unfortunately, ChelsyFish died. Sad times).

The two, who were together for five years, were spotted having a great time at swanky members club Beaufort House on the King's Road the other night, and apparently they were smuggled out together in the boot of a Jaguar! I highly doubt that part of the tale is true, but can you imagine if it was?! Amazing.

The pair are known to be pretty much OK with one another after their break-up last year, so it's probably just a case of a catch-up over a few drinks, but I so want there to be secret meetups, canoodling and smuggling out in the boot of flash cars! PLEASE!

Hayden Panettiere Defends Amanda Knox Role

Hayden as Amanda Knox
Despite a huge wave of criticism in the British press and from the parents of Meredith Kercher, Hayden Panettiere is standing by her decision to play Amanda Knox in an upcoming television film about the murder of Meredith, and the subsequent trial of Amanda Knox and two men, Rudy Guede and Raffaele Sollecitio.

Hayden says "My job was to play a girl who, regardless of what happened, was innocent in who she was. I believe in the person she deep down was and I think no matter, regardless of innocent or guilty, I believe she was a...she had a spirit."

 Erm...Hayden...What? So you don't think that the film was in very poor taste, and you probably think Knox is innocent...that's what I get from her less than eloquent explanation, but if I have interpreted wrongly, then do please comment and let me know, because I'm framkly a bit stumped.

Urgh! Snoggers!

Wit Woo! Eva Longoria and new boyfriend Eduardo Cruz (brother of Penelope) have been caught getting all smoochy on a boat in Miami last night. Eva's divorce from her cheating ex Tony Parker was finalised last week, so she's obviously celebrating. Here's to her!

Lea Michele Is Too Sexy...Again.

After raising eyebrows with the 'naughty schoolgirl' themed shoot she did for GQ with Glee co-stars Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith, Lea Michele is again at the centre of an uproar about her latest magazine cover, for the U.S edition of Cosmopolitan.

The picture, above, shows her with a very low cut top, which seems to be the cause of the problem. A mother from New York, Kim Trefcer, complained to Fox News "I think Lea Michele is sending the wrong message. She plays such a 'good girl' on Glee and a lot of kids look up to her persona. Then she poses very provocatively on two magazine covers which makes my almost-13-year-old son very confused and offended.

To be honest, love, the only ones who would even run with this story saying that the picture is offensive is Fox News, and maybe the Daily Mail here in the UK. I'm sure your 13-year-old son is neither confused or offended, and if he is it's probably because you're drawing attention to the fact that he had a reaction to a sexy picture. SO embarrassing, Mum. Lea Michele is 24 years old, and able to do what she wants. The picture on Cosmo isn't even that sexy, and they've had to airbrush a chest onto her, as she's not got much up top since she lost so much weight.

I get the furore over the GQ shoot, as they were set in a school and clearly pandering to the schoolgirl image on Glee, but this cover is pretty much the same as any other. And anyway, surely the writing on the cover is far more offensive? Here's a tip: Don't give Cosmo to your 13-year-old son. He'll hide it under his bed and you'll never see it again.

Shia In Bar Fight - Wose Fault Was It Anyway?

A few days ago it was revealed that Shia LeBeouf was in a super-classy bar fight, and was handcuffed by the local police in Sherman Oaks, California, although he was not arrested.

Now, conflicting reports about what actually happened and whose fault the brawl was are circulating. Sources at the bar place the blame with Shia, stating that he has been coming into the bar frequently and that "Every time Shia comes to the bar, he's a problem and it's starting to get old." However, others are reporting that the other man involved called Shia a "faggot", which is what sparked off the row.

If that word was used, then I really can't blame Shia, although of course violence is something that should always be avoided. However, if he has been causing problems in the recent past, then perhaps the blame lies more on his side. We'll probably never really know what went on, but if Mr. LeBeouf gets himself into many more scraps, then the blame will shift a little bit more his way every time there is trouble around him.

Christina Knows She Messed Up

Christina Aguilera has commented on her lyric mix-up during her rendition of the U.S National Anthem at the Superbowl.

She says... "I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place. I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through."

I think that other than her mistake, the performance was very 'Christina' and very heartfelt, and I hope she doesn't beat herself up about it too much. She clearly wasn't trying to disrespect anyone, and it's just unfortunate that it happened in front of such a large audience.

HIAM Teaser #3

Madonna To Be Sued?

The family of Mercy James, Madonna's adopted Malawian daughter, are threatening to sue the singer, claiming that although they were promised that they would be able to see their daughter, they have not been allowed to do so a single time since her adoption. They have asked a local charity, CILIC, to help them with their case.

Director of CILIC Emmie Chanika released this statement:

"Mercy’s family have met me several times over the past year and they have been very upset. They have a strong recollection of being told that they would be able to see Mercy and have regular contact with her – and that when she is an adult she will return to live with them in Malawi.
I believe they have a case in law because there appears to have been a verbal contract between them and Madonna’s representatives. I have already consulted a lawyer on their behalf. Obviously there could be problems as there is no written agreement, but the lawyer is looking into it.
I am preparing a letter which will appeal to Madonna’s lawyer Alan Chinula to intervene on the family’s behalf and ask Madonna to kindly let Mercy meet her family. None of us desires an embarrassing and expensive court case which could humiliate or inconvenience Madonna. The best outcome would be a proper agreement to let Mercy meet her family on a regular basis."

Hopefully for all concerned this can be worked out in the very best interests of Mercy James herself, rather than in the interests of Madonna or her birth parents. With no written agreement, however, I would be very surprised if they won their case.

Amanda Holden Loses Baby

After miscarrying last year, Amanda Holden decided to keep her recent pregancy a secret until she was six months gone, at which point the majority of pregnancies are considered safe. However, devastatingly for her and her and husband Chris Hughes, they have lost the baby at 7 months.

The couple must be absolutely devastated, and my heart goes out to them. I can't even imagine the pain they must be suffering right now.

No More Streets

Sad times, as Mike Skinner, AKA The Streets, has said that after the release of his fifth album, Computers and Blues and the tour he is currently on, then there will be no more from his musical alter ego. Alongside the album and tour, Skinner and a friend of his are writing a book about his life, and he is also working on a film; a thriller set in a hospital.

Skinner is one of the best British musicians around, and it is very saddening to hear that The Streets wil be no more. However, I tihnk it's probably for the best that he goes out on a high, rather than producing gradually less and less impressive material just for the sake of it. Skinner himself says that he doesn't "want to do it any more. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying that. I don't think it's a negative thing to say."

The Streets will be sadly missed, but I think I'll be booking myself a ticket to his Leeds show in order to see him off properly.

Xtina Fluffs Her Lines

 Oh Dear. Christina Aguilera had the honour of singing the United States National Anthem last night before the Superbowl kick-off. She showcased her amazing vocal skills, but there was one fatal flaw...she bollocksed up a line.

Instead of singing "O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?" she sang "What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming" which is a repetition of an earlier line with a slight modification. Unfortunately for her, the Superbowl is one of the most widely watched events in America, and is also viewed across the globe by many more. Of course, it is an incredibly nerve-wracking gig, as singing The Star Spangled Banner at the Superbowl is one of the biggest honours an American singer can get.

Hopefully she's not too embarrassed...

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Prat(t)s Head To Saudi Arabia

Nice melons, love.

Media whores Heidi Montag and Spencer 'surname descriptive of personality' Pratt are heading to Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, it's not going to be a permanent move, but just a trip to watch a friend of theirs, 'King' Kevin Casey, compete in the Abu Dhabi Martial Arts Tournament in April.

Even though Heidi is looking slightly more normal and less like a blow-up doll as the months pass after her ridiculous, face-ruining surgery binge, she still kind of stands out in a crowd with those great big plastic norks of hers. I do hope she manages to respect the fact that the culture in Saudi Arabia goes hand in hand with religion, and she will be expected to cover up when out inpublic away from her hotel. Of course, I doubt the couple will br going on any major culturally enriching tours of the country, but you would be nice if there was just a modicum of respect demonsatrated.

James May Has A Hissy Fit On A Plane

He looks like a right smug git here, as well.
 Top Gear presenter James May is getting slated today for throwing a diva tantrum on a British Airways flight from Texas to the UK. He had been told that he would have to be downgraded from Business Class to Economy, but decided that sitting with the riff-raff was not the sort of thing that a distinguished T.V personality such as himself should have to put up with. This then resulted in a family of four who had paid £16,000 for their tickets being shoved out instead.

May defended himself by stating that he absolutely, completely HAD to write an article for a newspaper on the flight, which clearly could only be done in the plush surroundings of Business Class, where you incidentally get better food, drinks, entertainment and a more comfy chair. Obviously, a family has no need of  any of these things, and are therefore only worthy of cattle class.

A source from BA decided to (anonymously) tell it like it is, saying that "James May was a complete arrogant oaf – a complete diva. He lost the plot and began ranting about being given special treatment. Staff buckled and had to downgrade premium-paying passengers." What a charmer. Clearly, May's cuddly on-screen persona isn't quite as close to reality as you might hope. I bet him and Jeremy Clarkson slag off the great unwashed alongside making racist remarks about Mexicans and belittling gay people and women.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lindsay's Lawyer Informed of Charges; Says Lindsay is Innocent

So, it seems that TMZ were right earlier this evening when they reported that Lindsay Lohan was to be charged with felony grand theft, as she has been accused of stealing a necklace from a jewellery shop in Venice Beach. Lindsay's hard-working lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, says that the allegfations are totally false, and that if charges are brought, then "we will fight them in court, not in the press." Fighting talk. However, fighting talk is needed, because if Linds is convicted, she could spend up to three years in prison, and as is clear from her mugshots, prison orange isn't her best colour choice.

Kate Moss's Engagement Ring Takes Her for a Walk

In Paris yesterday, Kate Moss was spotted wearing this huge rock on her engagement finger. Mossy and her boyfriend Jamie Hince haven't actually officially announced their engagement yet, but it seems that things are pretty much sorted. The papers are reporting a wedding date of July 2nd, but as we all know, the British tabs aren't exactly the most reliable of sources...Hopefully this time they're right though, because I am DYING to see what she's going to wear!

HIAM Teaser #2

Oh...Erm...Jake!....Was Our Date Today??

According to reports, Hollywood hunk and heartbreaker Jake Gyllenhaal got stood up on a date at a Santa Monica restaurant. Sources at the restaurant say that Jakey was sat on his own for 45minutes, and didn't order anything to eat or drink, even though the waiters did ask, before finally deciding that enough was enough and slinking away with his tail between his legs!

Never mind dear, I'm sure someone new will come along and sweep you off your feet soon!

P.S, I bet Taylor Swift is laughing her arse off about this...unless it was her who stood you up, in order to make a point about you just ditching her? O.K, that's just wishful thinking.

She's Only Five Months Gone!

Wow! Natalie Portman is only five months pregnant, but she looks more like seven! She is really blooming though, and I bet the baby is going to be an absolute beaut. Hopefully the baby won't get too big for her, 'cause she's only a dinky little thing, and I wouldn't want her to fall over or not be able to get around much in her last few months.

Lindsay to be Charged with Felony?

TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan is going to be charged with felony grand theft, which sounds awfully impressive. The owner of a Los Angeles boutique says she has pictures of Linds trying on the necklace, and there are also paparazzi shots, like the one above, which show her wearing the necklace that she has not paid for (it's the short gold chain in the picture). Lohan claims that her stylist and assisstants are responsible for sorting out the paperwork required to loan clothes and jewellery, and that she was unaware that this was not done. Poor lamb.

Lindsay has been accused of theft before, most notably after a photoshoot with Elle magazine. She was said to have left with thousands of pounds worth of jewellery, although that all got sorted out without any charges being brought.

While TMZ also report that the District Attorney's Office have said that no decision has been made, they are standing by their reports. All this really isn't going to help with the whole DUI/Prison/Rehab stuff... seeing as Lindsay is still on probation.

Charlie Sheen Porn Update...

 ...aaaand it seems that all my hopes and dreams have been dashed. Mr. Sheen has, according to TMZ, sent out texts to all his pornstar contacts stating that he is on lockdown, and that he wants them all to "lose the number, we are closed ... please drive through ... thank you."

Sad times for my dreams of Charlie's Devils...

A Baby Girl for the Beckhams!

Victoria Beckham has made no secret of the fact that she has always wanted a baby girl to complete her brood. Luckily for her, it looks like her dream is finally going to come true! The papers are today reporting that she has discovered after her most recent scan that she will be having a girl. A family friend told reporters that “David and Victoria are over the moon. This will be their last child and to be told they are having a girl is the icing on the cake for the Beckham clan."

Can you IMAGINE the baby clothes? I hope that everything goes well for them for the rest of the pregnancy, as I'm sure it will. I have always had a soft spot for Victoria, whenever she does interviews she's very self-deprecating and funny.