Friday, 4 February 2011

And We're Off!!

Why, hello there! My name is Corinne and I'll be your hostess on this brand-spanking new blog!

As a student, I have spent many, many hours, days and weeks trying to memorise quotations, poems and lines from plays, along with dates, facts and historical contexts. During my years of slaving away, with my head buried in books, I have kept a secret. Something so shameful, I can only admit it to the people I know best, or to those who share it themselves. I love celebrity culture. I can glance at a story and remember every detail, without trying. Where teenage boys have drawers stuffed with Nuts and Zoo magazines, and browser histories crammed with low-grade porn, my secret bedside drawers contain a back catalogue of Heat magazine that stretches back into the mists of time, and my bookmarked pages include various celebrity blogs, including such luminaries as TMZ, Michael K and, dare I say it...Perez Hilton.

I have tried to hard to use my amazing capacity for celebrity knowlegde retention in my studies, but I have come up with nothing. The skill is not transferrable. After much soul-searching, I have decided to embrace my talent and share the fun.

Therefore, I have cast off the dull, grey felt fedora of work and serious journalism, and instead placed upon myself the multi-coloured, crystal-encrusted, feather plumed headress of entertainment!

C xx

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