Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mariah Has Her Babies!

Congratulations to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, who have welcomed their twins into the world today. It's a double whammy of celebrations for the couple, as today also happens to be their fourth wedding anniversary!

Mariah , 42, had her little'uns at an undisclosed LA hospital, where her baby girl arrived first weighing 5lbs 3oz, and was shortly followed by a brother, who weighed in at 5lbs 6oz.

In true Mariah fashion, the family listened to her classic track 'We Belong Together' after the birth.

There are no deets on the names as of yet, but Nick told People magazine in January that their kids will not be having strange celebrity names. He said "They won't be crazy names like Carburetor or something," he promised. "But they're definitely unique."

C xx

Adele The Stealth Bus Stop Flasher

Singer Adele has revealed how she accidentally flashed a busload of passangers because of a stray gust of wind.

After deciding to pop out without taking the precustion of wearing her undies, Adele was taken by surprise when the wind decided to pick up, revealing all.

She says "I got up, threw on a kaftan sort of thing with no sleeves to go to the shops, and the wind got up just as a bus was passing.

"The whole thing was hula-hooping around my neck and I was completely naked and everyone on the bus saw everything.

"Luckily they didn't know it was me - but of course they will now."

I think the lesson here is basically....MAKE SURE YOU WEAR UNDERWEAR!!!

Friday, 29 April 2011


The wedding of the century has taken place, with all the pomp and ceremony to be expected from a Royal Wedding. Kate looked beautiful in her Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen dress, which had a modest (by royal standards) two-metre train. William was in his full military regalia, while Harry looked his usual cheeky self, seeming not altogether too comfortable in his uniform.

Kate's sister Pippa looked stunning in her cowl-neck sheath, (although her spray tan was far too deep) while the queen rocked a canary-yellow outfit with matching hat in the same colour, as has always been her style. Personally I thought her hat was a touch flat, but she looked lovely. Surprisingly, Camilla also looked fab!

The Middleton family did themselves proud. Mother Carole looked wonderful in a powder blue dress and coat, while her father Michael was very smart in his suit and top hat.

Sartorial failures? Unsurprisingly, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie looked...well, not great. Their hats were far too directional for their faces, and were not at all flattering.

Overall, the ceremony was fantastic, and the day seems to have run very smoothly. Good luck to the new couple, and everyone enjoy the long weekend!

See what I mean? Not. Flattering.
C xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dear Robert DeNiro, You're An Idiot. Love, The Donald.

After some not-so-veiled criticism of Donald Trump by Robert DeNiro at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Donald has hit back, insulting Robert's intelligence.

The row started over Donald's continued (and bizarre, and unfounded) assertion that Barack Obama is not an American. He is demanding to see the President's birth certificate in order to ensure that he is actully allowed to be in the White House. I mean, really? REALLY? Do you honestly think, Donald, that no-one in government has checked all this out? And also, holy vaguely-concealed racism, Batman!

Anyway. DeNiro called Trump out on this madness, and not Donald has responded in true playground style by saying of Robert; "Well he’s not the brightest bulb on the planet. I’ve been watching him over the years and I like his acting, but you know in terms of when I watch him doing interviews and various other things, we’re not dealing with Albert Einstein."

Just to be clear, I side with DeNiro. And I think he's a pretty intelligent guy. Donald is just acting like a petulant child.

C xx

Monday, 25 April 2011

Johnny Depp To Cameo In 21 Jump Street

The remake of 21 Jump Street which is being mastermined by Jonah Hill, has reportedly gained a star turn for a cameo roll. Original star of the show Johnny Depp! This is not officially confirmed, but the rumours have been going for a while now, and it seems that insiders have let the cat out of the bag. Hopefully Johnny does make a return to the place that made his name and gives his ardent fans (me) a cheeky little hello.

EDIT: It's official! Jonah Hill has confirmed the rumours, saying that Johnny will return to play a "really funny" role in the film.

C xx

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Emma Watson Bullied Out Of Brown?

Emma Watson recently left U.S Ivy League University Brown, stating that the pressure of juggling her commitments to acting and her studies was getting to be just too much. The Harry Potter actress released a statement on her website saying "I will still be working towards my degree, it's just going to take me a semester or two longer than I thought."

However, the truth of the matter may be a little more painful than what has been said. Rumours have been flying that Emma had to deal with constant comments from other students about her Harry Potter character Hermione Granger. A source from the university told the New York Daily News online that "When she spoke in class, they would respond with a quote from Harry Potter. The most popular choice was, 'Three points for Gryffindor'." Further to this, Watson was apparently 'stalked' by a group of students at a college football game, who shouted more Harry Potter quotes at her.

It has also been said that Emma didn't exactly make matters easy for herself, being sat between two large security guards wearing bright orange vests at the same football game, and forcing her new roommate to sign a strict confidentiality agreement before the pair moved into university accommodation together.

Emma may even be planning to leave Brown altogether; she was spotted touring the NYU campus in February, and transferring is a little more common in the U.S than the U.K. EDIT: Turns out I was right! Emma's camp has released an official statement saying that she has decided to change University, as she wants to take a major that is not offered at Brown. No word on her chosen place to transfer, but I suspect NYU.

To be honest, it all seems a little OTT to me. Emma should have expected a few jibes from other jealous students or people who think that they're funny. Of course if the jokes were continual and harsh then that is unacceptable, but kicking off with a confidentiality agreement? Not cool. I hope that everything works out for her and that she goes to a school where she can make good friends. Maybe that way, if anyone does start with the Hemione jokes, she can just brush them off.

C xx

Brad and Ange Want One Amazing Nanny!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are looking for a new nanny to help take care of their brood. The position is pretty difficult to fill, with the couple (allegedly) looking for someone with a degree in education or child development,and who speaks at least two languages as well as the native languages of their adopted children.

The remuneration is pretty decent though. As well as being able to take in the lifestyle of Hollywood's most gorgeous couple, the new nanny is being offered a pay packet of $90,000. Not bad... If only I can bag myself an education degree and speed learn 5 hundred languages!

C xx

Lindsay Sentenced to 120 Days In Jail...Kinda.

The saga of the life of Lindsay Lohan continues. Early hours this morning (which I guess is yesterday afternoon U.S time...) Linds was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating her probation over the whole stolen necklace malarkey. Thi is over what was a felony grand theft charge about the necklace in the picture above. Linds had just scored a victory in getting the charge down to a misdemeanour instead of a felony.

In addition to this, she has been sentenced to 480 hours of community service. Of those hours, 120 will be served at the L.A County morgue (creepy). The rest will be at the Downtown Women's Centre to show Lindsay how disadvantaged women live.

However, the crazy continues. As all this is over a misdemeanour violation (This crazy American justice system confuses me so much) Lindsay's team posted a $75,000 bail bond, getting her out of custody in all of five hours. She is now due back in court for a pretrial hearing on 11th May.

C xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

"As Far As I'm Concerned, He's Gone"

Sarah Harding has spoken out about the breakdown of her relationship with her father after her parents' divorce when she was fifteen. Sarah says;

“After he and my mother divorced, he wasn’t a very nice person, and what’s done is done. Looking back, I think the split was more destructive and destabilising than I realised, because I started bunking off school and getting into trouble. I know it’s harsh, but I have no place in my life for someone like that. I came close to being in contact with him again, but he talked to the press and tried to sell pictures of me as a young girl. He’s a very selfish man and as far as I’m concerned he’s gone.”

The discussion was sparked by talk of her upcoming wedding to DJ Tom Crane, at which Sarah's father will absolutely NOT be walking her down the aisle.

It's awful to see a family so broken, but in the end, it's better to remove the destructive elements than to allow the unit to implode.

C xx

Premiership Footballers Make Bad Boyfriends: Part 7, 386

Glamour girl and ex- Big Brother housemate Imogen Thomas is speaking out about the married premiership footballer who was cheating on his wife with her until it all came out in the newspapers.

The footballer, also a father, has obtained a court injunction which means that no-one is allowed to name him. Imogen has been talking about the situation, and about how unfair she feels the injunction is:

“When I heard he was going to abandon me and let my name come out, that was when I felt really hurt and betrayed. I can’t work because of all the fuss so I don’t know how I’ll pay the mortgage, and I’ve been branded a home-wrecker and a whore. But he hasn’t lost anything – he can go back to his big house, his wife and kids and still be worshiped when he plays football...One minute we were madly in love, the next I was being hit with an injunction, being made to feel like some sort of criminal. I would never have spoken about our relationship, it wasn’t in my interest. These injunctions only seem to exist to look after high-profile people. I know what I did was wrong but he’s the one with a wife and children – he’s the cheater. Now my life is in pieces. I can’t stop crying, but I don’t suppose he is because he’s protected by the law.”

Although I in no way condone Imogen's decision to embark on an affair with a married man, I do feel for her in that she has been thrown to the wolves, while her partner in crime gets off scot free. As she says, he is the one who has the marriage and fatherhood responsibilities, but similarly, she knew about that and should never have even gone there.

From the footballer's point of view, the history of the press in the UK in cases such as these is vicious, and it is difficult in this case because there are children involved. Any slandering of a father in places where his children could see it or be subjected to comments about it could be incredibly damaging. This footballer should be ashamed of himself, and at least confess to his wife and apologise for his behaviour, rather than hiding behind court-ordered silence.

C xx

Xtina's Boyf Is NOT A Drunk Driver

After Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matt Rutler were pulled over by the police, (who took some very unflattering mugshots) speculation about the singer's mental state increased immensely. Accusations of increasingly bad behaviour were flying left, right and centre, along with some serious slagging off about Matt.

However, it seems that there was some kind of MAJOR problem with the capability of the police who arrested them. Matt, who was driving the car, registered 0.6 on blood alcohol level, while the legal limit in California is 0.8. Yet still it took a month for the case to be dropped due to 'insufficient evidence'...seems like they just made a mistake to me. Idiots.

C xx

Michael Douglas Looking After CZJ

Lovely, lovely Micael Douglas is now dedicated to looking after his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones. Douglas, fresh from his battle with cancer, is trying to help Catherine cope with her recently diagnosed bipolar disorder. Reports have stated that CZJ's disorder was brought on by the stress of looking after Michael and the worry about his illness.

Michael has stated that he is currently planning a round-the-world trip for Catherine and the couple's children, in order to give his wife something to look forward to, as well as treating her to meals out, spa treatments and homely emotional support.

All the best to Catherine and Michael, whose relationship has stood the test of time despite their age difference. They seem to be battling their problems with bravery and strength, and are a fantastic couple.

C xx

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sidney Lumet Dies

Acclaimed director Sidney Lumet has died at the age of 86 due to lymphoma.

Lumet directed a huge array of classic films, from 12 Angry Men to Dog Day Afternoon to Network. He was nominated for the Best Director Oscar four times, although he never won. He was presented with an honourary achievement Oscar in 2005.

Its Jen That Doesn't Like To Date, Promise!

Jennifer Aniston has said that she is really not a big fan of dating, and that she prefers to spend time with her friends. The perennially unlucky in love actress has stressed the importance of making yourself happy before trying to focus on love, which could be the real reson behind her lack of a real long term relationship since her divorce from Brad Pitt.

Jen explains how it is essential to "have your own personal love," and thinking about "what excites you when you wake up in the morning." With all the ups and downs in her very much publicised love life, it seems that Jen is brushing off the nasty criticism about her inability to keep hold of her partners. Perhaps it's actually Jennifer who wants to just have a light, fun relationship?

I do wonder where the whole 'desperate' media perception of her stems from. She seems pretty cool to me.

C xx

Totally. Insane.

Oh, lordy lord! The cast of Jersey Shore are now earning astronomical sums of money to get drunk, fall over, and disgrace themselves on (inter)national television.

The tangoed attention-whores are now pulling in a reported $100,000 per episode! On top of this, they are free to earn as much as they can through personal appearances, advertisment and endorsement deals, with the current leader being The Situation, who earns around $5 million a year. This sum, which is already too much to ever spend on gym membership and false tan, looks set to double by the end of this year.

I feel sick.

C xx

U2 Show Will Be Highest Grossing Tour EVER.

U2's current 360 tour is set to become the highest grossing tour in the history of tours!

After the boys have finished up the Brazillian leg of their tour, it will surpass the Rolling Stones' Bigger Bang tour, which earned $558 million from 2005-2007. The U2 tour is due to finish at the end of July in Canada, at which point it is expected to have grossed over $700 million!

Crazy. My personal views on U2 obviously aren't shared by the majority of people!

C xx

New No Doubt!

Gwen Stefani confirmed to Ryan Seacrest that a new album from the legendary band will "definitely be out this year." It's about time! As much as I love Gwen and her individual sound, I just adore No Doubt when they are all together. Gwen gave more detail....

"We’ve been going for a while trying to make this record and it’s been super challenging but really fun, we’re trying to enjoy the moment of writing and…it’s just a really fun process and I think it’s going to be out this year. It’s generally a really happy album…the main thing we were trying to do is write really catchy good songs…we got about 10 songs done and we want to do a few more just in case, but it’s a really good record, I really love this record."

Sounds encouraging! Hopefully there will be more details to follow regarding dates and such pretty soon.

C xx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Truth About Angelina's Tattoo

After she was photographed near the Libyan border doing her usual humanitarian thing, there were rumours of a new pregnancy or adoption for Angelina Jolie.

Angie has a tattoo on her arm which represents the coordinates of the place of birth for each of her six children. The pictures show a new, seventh line beneath the others, which is what initially sparked the rumours. However, a source has come forward to state that the new addition is actually the coordinates of partner Brad Pitt's birth in Oklahoma.

Guess the brood of six is just about big enough for now!

C xx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

K-Fed To Have A Baby Girl

K-Fed and his pregnant girlfriend Victoria Prince have announced that she is going to have a baby girl! Another one to add to the already staggering pile of pregnant celebs (she counts as a celebrity, I think. Ish...).

The ex-professional volleyball player (that's Vicky, not Kev...) has revealed that they have decided to name the baby Jordan, because they wanted a name that could be used for either sex. I, however, think it's much more likely that the couple are naming the little'un after Britain's own glamour girl, Jordan (AKA Katie Price). She is a true inspiration.

C xx

Is The Trousersnake Off The Market Already?

Damn. Looks like I missed my chance (soz boyfriend, I love you really).

Only one month on from his split with Jessica Biel, who he was with for four years, Justin Timberlake is rumoured to be seeing House hottie and current film co-star Olivia Wilde. The beautiful Olivia only split with her husband one month ago too...coincidence?

The pair were spotted together dancing the night away in an LA nightclub, with an onlooker telling the paps "They were dancing, whispering, he had his hand on her back and shoulders, and they were together all night." Smooth moves, JT. Although Justin and Olivia were part of a larger group, the source claims that they only had eyes for each other all night.

Before we all get too excited, Olivia took to her twitter to deny the rumours saying, with an odd turn of phrase, "Cool it honeybadgers. We are just friends and have been for years."

Do we believe that?

C xx

Lady GaGa To Be Godmother To Elton's Baby!

When he mentioned this on his Queen-bashing SNL appearance the other day, the audience thought he was joking. He wasn't. Elton John and husband David Furnish have announced that Lady GaGa is going to be the lovely baby Zachary's godmother!

GaGa's outspoken stance on equality and LGBT rights as well as AIDS awareness has ensured that she has become a close friend of Elton and David, who share similar charitable and social interests. She seems to be the perfect fit to help raise Zachary if something were to happen to his parents, as she shares so many of their values.

Congrats to them all, and I hope GaGa enjoys her new position within the family!

C xx

Teenagers Of The World, Rejoice!

The rumour mill is rife with conjecture over the state of Twilight actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship. The latest reports are suggesting that the two, who have never publicly confirmed their relationship, have called it quits.

The blame, as is often the case with celeb relationships, has been laid on hectic work schedules resulting in a lack of time spent together. Rob's work is especially hectic at the moment, as he is off all over the world promoting, spending less and less time with homebody Kristen.

A source spoke to The Mirror and gave a lengthy statement saying "[Rob and Kristen's] phone calls were getting fewer and further between. They started to only see each other on set and began to drift apart until a general apathy developed...The excuses why they could't meet up basically got weaker and weaker, and Rob figured they should officially cool things off and have some time to figure out what they want."

The Mirror's source added (just for good measure); "There have been a few tears but the pair remain friendly. Kristen is hopeful of a reconciliation once Rob has finished promotion for his latest movie."

Twihards everywhere, I hear your hearts breaking.

C xx

Bublé Burgled!

Poor old Michael Bubbly! His Argentinian home was burgled while he was out getting married to Luisana Lopilato the other day. Luisana is an Argentinian native, and she said of the break in "I will not let this ruin the happiest day of my life."

It seems that the robbers cut the alarm system for the house and then broke in, although there is no word yet on what was actually taken.

Such an awful thing to happen on your wedding day! I hope Michael and Luisana are alright, and that nothing too valuable or personal was taken. Hopefully the thieves will be caught and punished appropriately.

C xx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Reese Is Hitched!

Reese Witherspoon finally celebrated her big day, and People has all the photographs to prove it! The wedding actually took place on March 26th, but all the photo exclusives are in the US magazine.

For her wedding to Jim Toth, the bride wore a beautiful a custom-designed Monique Lhuillier blush-hued gown with a Chantilly lace corset bodice and full tulle A-line skirt, which sounds amazing. All Lhullier's dresses are just beautiful, which is why she is the number one choice for celebrity brides-to-be! A guest at the wedding said of Reese, "She took your breath away." Reese's daughter Ava, 11, matched her mum in her own Lhuillier dress in her role as maid of honour.

 C xx

Britney Wants A Wedding!

A souce has spoken to The Sun newspaper, claiming that Britney is keen to settle down and marry boyfriend Jason Trawick after getting her life and career back on track. She has reportedly spoken to close friends about her desire for Trawick to pop the question sooner rather than later.

The source said "After all her ups and downs Brit is craving stability - hence her broodiness at the moment - and she just wants to settle down with Jason and do it all again the right way. Now her album is out and her tour is almost sorted she feels like getting married again and having more children is the next step."

Hopefully Britney and Jason will have a long and happy relationship together, and if they decide to get married, great! Just as long as they take their time and don't rush headlong into it...I don't think my heart could take another life crisis for Brit!

C xx

Don't Mess With The Meat.

Oldie rocker and actor Meatloaf pitched a fit on Celebrity Apprentice after a task in which the contestants had to produce their own artwork and put on an exhibition for charity. Upon arrival at the gallery, Mealoaf realised that some of his materials had disappeared.

Enter actor Gary Busey. The Meat saw that some of his missing things were on Busey's table, at which point he went off screaming, shouting and swearing, accusing Busey of stealing the items. While Meatloaf had to be physically restrained, Busey denied the theft, to which Meatloaf responed "You do not want to f*** with me...Look into my eyes, I’m the last person in the world you ever want to f*** with! You are going to be in the hospital in about four minutes.”

Meatloaf later apologised, stating that he had anger management issues...I never would have guessed.

Off With His Head!

Elton John was rather naughty on US comedy show Saturday Night Live recently, calling the Queen a "mean old bitch" in a sketch about how he is not going to be involved in the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Elton made the crack at Fred Armisen, playing the Queen, after several comments about how he is always involved in royal events, but that rewording Candle in the Wind again would not be accepted.

Clearly, Elt didn't say that the ACTUAL Queen is a mean old bitch, but I like to imagine that if he had, she would have responded with something along the likes of "pot, kettle, black, much, Mr. (no longer Sir) John?"

Finally, A Resolution!

Oh, happy days! We can finally move on from the tedious speculation over Cheryl Cole's future with the X Factor. The People newspaper is reporting that the Geordie beauty has been officially offered a main judging role on the US version of the show.

The main issue with her bid was that she is really not very well known in the US at all, wich execs at Fox thought would be a potentially huge problem. However, the response to the auditions has been bigger than expected, with many auditionees delighted at the prospect of meeting Cheryl specifically. A source cloce to Camp Cowell stated "If she can win over fans so early in her American adventure, she can become a household name when the series starts."

The deal is reportedly worth an estimated £1.1 millon, and will be signed off later this month. This is great news for Chezza, and it will improve her relativly unknown status across the pond exponentially. Maybe even J.Lo will know who she is soon...

C xx

Hipster Hookup Heaven!

 Reports are swirling that Keira Knightley has moved on from her ex, Rupert Friend, who she split from back in January. Sources close to Knightley are claiming that she is now dating the lead singer of Klaxons, Jamie Righton, after being introduced to him by their mutual friend, Alexa Chung.

A 'source' (who I hope is real, and not just made up by someone at The Mirror because they were having a slow celeb news day) spilled the deets to The Mirror: "She's extremely happy right now and really enjoying spending time with James. He's a real rocker and a lovely guy with it and she likes that whole scene. Keira's really smitten with James but wants to just quietly get on with it and see what happens."

There is a touch of caution though, with the source continuing to say that Keira plans to "take things slowly," because she's only been single for a little while after her five-year relationship with Rupes.

The source says, "Keira's been making sure things move slowly. She certainly won't be stepping out on a red carpet with James in the near future. It's really early days."

I don't think this rumour could get any more hip if it tried!

C xx

Ryan Kwanten: Lovely Bloke!

True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten has shown his amazing side by helping to save a man who was seriously injured from dying. A witness stated:

"There was a bloody guy lying in the middle of the street at Hollywood and Highland and no one was doing anything. [Ryan was driving past], pulled up, saw the man down, jumped out of his car, and raced over to see if he could help."

Ryan then managed to gather up some help and moved the man from the road to the pavement, where he waited for the ambulance so that he could disperse the gathering crowds and be sure that the man was OK.

Well done him for doing the decent thing and helping someone who needed it. Shame on those going past who couldn't be bothered to stop and do what Ryan did.

C xx

Feel My Wrath, ITV Bosses.

X Factor bosses at ITV are shaking in their boots about Simon Cowell's confirmed departure, and Cheryl Cole's almost-confirmed departure. There are currently rumours flying that they intend to drop both Louis Walsh AND Dannii Minogue from the judging panel in order to bring in a completely fresh start.

Well, here's what I say to that: NO! Those two are the best things about the X Factor! Louis' totally irrelevant, snidey comments are pure gold, while Dannii has been the stand-out judge since she started. She offers great critique in a fair manner, underplaying her bias for her own acts by making sure to give credit where it's due to others, and criticism to her own. And just look at her hair! It's a chameleonic masterpiece, in a totally different style every week!

Chezza's shine is not as dazzling as it used to be, and Simon has gone soft. He's no longer Mr. Nasty, and to be frank, I'm fed up of his and Cheryl's cosy little whispering together act. Urgh. ITV, get your act together, and stop with the panic stations! Offering Cheryl double money won't keep her in the country, and throwing Dannii and Louis to the sharks is no way to improve your situation. MAN UP.

C xxx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Opening Scene Leaked!

The opening scene to the final Potter installment was shown at the recent FilmCon in the US, and now a video of it has leaked. Warner Bros. seem to have blocked all the other sources of this that I can find, so I will have to direct you to Perez Hilton's blog post about it. Of course, don't stay there writing is far superior to his, even if I don't have any fancy-pants friends in the 'biz....(not that I'm jealous or anything... :p)

Click to see the Opening Scene!!!

C xx

A New Film Role For Lindsay?

My favourite trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan, has been tapped to play the part of Sharon Tate, a victim of Charles Manson, in a new film about the killer. The buzz is that the film will be directed by Tyler Shields, who is more well known for being a celebrity photographer (he even shot Linds in some promotional work for the ill-fated Inferno project) and Ty will also be playing the part of Manson himself.

As of yet, there is no word on whether or not Lindsay has accepted the role, but it sounds kind of cool. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be some B-Movie slasher flick...although right now, any job is good for Lohan.

C xx

And So, The World Weeps.

The beautiful romance between Peter Andre and Elen Rivas has come to an end. Hearts break across the world for the couple, who incedentally share the same management team. Alas, we will have no more hilarious staged photo-ops of them being sickeningly 'coupley' in the window seats of trendy cafes, and no more front page splashes saying how happy/strained the relationship is. Most unfortunately of all, the break-up allows for Peter's ex, Katie Price, to boastfully gush about how much he still loves her.

Tough luck, Pete and Elen, and better luck with your show/romances in the future.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Because She's Worth It?

While we are now all thoroughly bored by the ongoing saga surrounding who will be sat behind the judge's table for the US version of X Factor, no one is more over it than Cheryl Cole. After being strung along for months, with still no word as to whether she will be given the prestigious spot, Cheryl is now considering staying on the UK show. The reson for this? The fact that ITV bosses have offered to DOUBLE her pay packet!

The offer is huge, and Chezza will be absolutely rolling in it, even if the US gig doesn't come off. As the UK auditions are extremely close at hand, the pressure is on ITV to make some kind of announcement, which seems to be what has prompted their very generous offer. Of course, if the US team did decide to put Cheryl on the panel, there is no question about the fact that she'd be over there quicker than you can say..."alreet, pet?"

C xx

Be Sensible, Hef!

Oh, Hugh Hefner, I thought you had more sense than this!

The 84-year old Playboy owner, worth around $43 million, is getting married to a Playboy model, 24 year old Crystal Harris, in ten weeks, and the old boy is so bowled over by his feelings for this young....lady that he's prepared to get hitched without a pre-nup! Crystal is hoping thinks that Hef won't ask her to sign anything of the sort before the big day because their love is so strong...almost brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

I do hope that they sort something out, unless Hef has some of Charlie Sheen's immortalising tiger blood and Adonis DNA to fall back on...

Babies, Babies Everywhere!!

The celeb world is positively booming with sproglets at the moment, or at least with mums-to-be! TV Presenter Myleene Klass tweeted an impossibly cute picture of herself with her daughter Ava, and her newborn baby Hero.

The Beckham family is also due to be expanded further, with David revealing that his kids want to name the new baby Justine Bieber Beckham! Apparently, little Romeo is adamant that the little girl will be named after the tween sensation, although it has been widely reported that Victoria likes the name Luna.

In other Spice baby news, Mel B is also preggo, which has been said to have started a feud with Victoria due to thunder stealing and inappropriate twittering...damn those hormones! Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, is the third pregnant ex-spice girl, making them really rather a fertile girl band altogether!

Rachel Zoe gave birth just over a week ago, to son Skylar. To be honest, she only ever looked vaguely pregnant, and kind of a little uncomfortable, but she's certainly happy to have her little fella here!She tweeted that her life was now complete, with her husband and son. Such a lovely sentiment!

Finally, also looking just about ready to pop are Natalie Portman and Selma Blair.

Good Luck, ladies!

C xxx

Custody Arranged For Charlie and Brooke

Charlie Sheen and ex-wife Brooke Mueller have managed to finalise custody arrangements for their two little'uns, Bob and Max. The deets are as follows...

  1. Charlie gets the boys every other weekend for the next 2 months. If both Charlie and Brooke remain drug and alcohol free, Charlie will also get to see them Wednesdays and Thursdays every other week
  2. Charlie and Brooke must submit to random drug testing 3 times a month.
  3. They must have their regular nannies with them at all times when they have the kids.
  4. Charlie's goddesses are not allowed to show public displays of affection toward the kids.
  5. Charlie and Brooke can't be photographed with a romantic partner while they are with the kids. 
 My personal favourite is number three. However, I'm glad that these two crazy kids got things together enough to allow their kids to start a proper, stabilising regime. Hopefully this will all stick, and Brooke and Charlie can stay clean and sober, without too much interference from the, ahem, 'goddesses'.

C xx

True Blood Premiere Date Announced!

Ahhhh at last the wait is over! HBO, the American channel that airs True Blood, has announced that the fourth season of the hit show will begin on...dum da da dum dum duuuuum....26th June at 9pm! Although the series won't be shown here in the UK for aaages after this date, I'm pretty certain that I'll be watching it before then...even if it is a touch on the naughty side to do so!

Hopefully you're all as excited as I am to be catching up with Eric, Sookie and Bill, as well as my personal favourite, Lafayette!

Frodo, Don't Wear The Ring!

Amazingness, oh pure, sweet amazingness!!!

Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame has signed up to the cast of The Hobbit! To anyone who loves FOTC as much as I do, I'm sure you're already singing FOTC's inspired Lord of the Rings song to yourself. Rumour has it that Bret will reprise his small role as an elvish extra from LOTR, although I remain hopeful for a full portrayal of Figwit, which is undoubtedly deserved.

Any chance of a role for Jemaine too?

C x

Cry Me A River...Or Maybe a Delta?

Sad days for Bryan McFadden, formerly of Westlife fame. He and fiancee Delta Goodrem have split, after seven years together and four years of being engaged. It seems that the split is being handled in a really adult way, unlike most of the bitchy celeb bust-ups that go on.

Bryan tweeted "I love Delta and always will. She is one of God’s living angels. I thank her for giving me the best years of my life. Please give us time." Delta has always been a secret pleasure of mine, and I have no shame in annoucing that as a teenager I bought one of her albums...and that on occasion I still listen to it with joy.

The ever-accurate Daily Star has a front page splash today that reads "KERRY: BACK WITH EX-HUBBY," followed by a story that makes absolutely no mention of Kez and Bry actually getting back together. All it states is that Bryan may move back to the UK from Australia, and that Kerry would like that because it means he'd be able to spend more time with their daughters. So ignore the headlines, and never suggest that I try to tell porky pies like the tabs do in order to lure you to this page...

I'm Back....

Hello to you wonderful lovers of celebrity and entertainment news. I do hope that at least some of you have kept me on your bookmarks list, in the hope that my absence would end soon. WELL DONE YOU. You're obviously from a higher class of people than those who have deserted me...

Anyway, I'm back on the radar, scouring the net and the gossip mags for your pleasure. I'm going to do something of a round-up tonight, in order to get me back in the game, and then normal service will resume as of tomorrow.


C xx