Saturday, 2 April 2011

Because She's Worth It?

While we are now all thoroughly bored by the ongoing saga surrounding who will be sat behind the judge's table for the US version of X Factor, no one is more over it than Cheryl Cole. After being strung along for months, with still no word as to whether she will be given the prestigious spot, Cheryl is now considering staying on the UK show. The reson for this? The fact that ITV bosses have offered to DOUBLE her pay packet!

The offer is huge, and Chezza will be absolutely rolling in it, even if the US gig doesn't come off. As the UK auditions are extremely close at hand, the pressure is on ITV to make some kind of announcement, which seems to be what has prompted their very generous offer. Of course, if the US team did decide to put Cheryl on the panel, there is no question about the fact that she'd be over there quicker than you can say..."alreet, pet?"

C xx

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