Saturday, 23 April 2011

Emma Watson Bullied Out Of Brown?

Emma Watson recently left U.S Ivy League University Brown, stating that the pressure of juggling her commitments to acting and her studies was getting to be just too much. The Harry Potter actress released a statement on her website saying "I will still be working towards my degree, it's just going to take me a semester or two longer than I thought."

However, the truth of the matter may be a little more painful than what has been said. Rumours have been flying that Emma had to deal with constant comments from other students about her Harry Potter character Hermione Granger. A source from the university told the New York Daily News online that "When she spoke in class, they would respond with a quote from Harry Potter. The most popular choice was, 'Three points for Gryffindor'." Further to this, Watson was apparently 'stalked' by a group of students at a college football game, who shouted more Harry Potter quotes at her.

It has also been said that Emma didn't exactly make matters easy for herself, being sat between two large security guards wearing bright orange vests at the same football game, and forcing her new roommate to sign a strict confidentiality agreement before the pair moved into university accommodation together.

Emma may even be planning to leave Brown altogether; she was spotted touring the NYU campus in February, and transferring is a little more common in the U.S than the U.K. EDIT: Turns out I was right! Emma's camp has released an official statement saying that she has decided to change University, as she wants to take a major that is not offered at Brown. No word on her chosen place to transfer, but I suspect NYU.

To be honest, it all seems a little OTT to me. Emma should have expected a few jibes from other jealous students or people who think that they're funny. Of course if the jokes were continual and harsh then that is unacceptable, but kicking off with a confidentiality agreement? Not cool. I hope that everything works out for her and that she goes to a school where she can make good friends. Maybe that way, if anyone does start with the Hemione jokes, she can just brush them off.

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