Sunday, 17 April 2011

Premiership Footballers Make Bad Boyfriends: Part 7, 386

Glamour girl and ex- Big Brother housemate Imogen Thomas is speaking out about the married premiership footballer who was cheating on his wife with her until it all came out in the newspapers.

The footballer, also a father, has obtained a court injunction which means that no-one is allowed to name him. Imogen has been talking about the situation, and about how unfair she feels the injunction is:

“When I heard he was going to abandon me and let my name come out, that was when I felt really hurt and betrayed. I can’t work because of all the fuss so I don’t know how I’ll pay the mortgage, and I’ve been branded a home-wrecker and a whore. But he hasn’t lost anything – he can go back to his big house, his wife and kids and still be worshiped when he plays football...One minute we were madly in love, the next I was being hit with an injunction, being made to feel like some sort of criminal. I would never have spoken about our relationship, it wasn’t in my interest. These injunctions only seem to exist to look after high-profile people. I know what I did was wrong but he’s the one with a wife and children – he’s the cheater. Now my life is in pieces. I can’t stop crying, but I don’t suppose he is because he’s protected by the law.”

Although I in no way condone Imogen's decision to embark on an affair with a married man, I do feel for her in that she has been thrown to the wolves, while her partner in crime gets off scot free. As she says, he is the one who has the marriage and fatherhood responsibilities, but similarly, she knew about that and should never have even gone there.

From the footballer's point of view, the history of the press in the UK in cases such as these is vicious, and it is difficult in this case because there are children involved. Any slandering of a father in places where his children could see it or be subjected to comments about it could be incredibly damaging. This footballer should be ashamed of himself, and at least confess to his wife and apologise for his behaviour, rather than hiding behind court-ordered silence.

C xx

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