Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Get Married

Brit actors Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig got married in a small ceremony in upstate New York on Friday, Rachel's rep has confirmed. The ceremony took place in from of only four people - Rachel and Daniel's children from previous relationships, and two close friends who acted as witnesses.

The pair have only been together for just under  year, after Rachel split with her long-term fella, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky in November 2010. Rach and Darren have a five year old son, Henry, together.

Daniel was previously married to actress Fiona Loudon from 1992-94, and they have a 19 year old daughter, Ella. Up until early 2010, Daniel was with his long-term partner, Satsuki Mitchell.

Rachel and Daniel's relationship has been kept pretty low-key, other than the couple of occassions they were spotted out together, such as at New York club The Box in February 2011, when they were reportedly all over each other like lovestruck teenagers!

I love both these actors, and I wish them all the best for the future. May they have a long and happy marriage, and end up squabbling over things like who put the butter knife in the jam pot, and why won't Daniel put his socks in the laundry basket instead of leaving them all over the house.

C xx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Corey Monteith Was In Rehab At 19!

Corey Monteith has sensationally revealed that by that age of 19 he had checked into rehab to help conquer his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The Glee actor spoke to Parade magazine about his difficult past, describing how he was regularly missing school to go and get drunk at 13, and that he dropped out of education altogether at 16.

Corey explained how he used to do "anything and everything - as much as possible." He added "I'm lucky to be alive."

Eventually, Corey's family caught him stealing money from a relative to fund his habit, and demanded that he got the help he needed;

"At that point the family came together and basically said 'If you don’t get yourself under control, we are going to go to the police and press charges'. This became a serious wake up call."

Wow. Hopefully Corey's admission about his history, coupled with his amazing turnaround and success, will inspire other young people who think they might have a problem to get help.

C xx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Kirk and Popey Get Matching Nose Surgery!

Towie's Lauren Pope has just announced on Twitter that she and boyfriend Kirk Norcross have BOTH just had surgery on their noses!

Lauren tweets:
'Some of u prob seen already bt me n Kirk did both go...for nose surgery this wkend n really happy with how well it went!

I had a bump were i walked into a door n used to get filler put in it so now i dont need to, Kirk had it broke.

'Both at home recovering like a pair of plums together with our casts on but got to say ive not had any pain at all just a bit uncomfortable!'

Glad to hear that they both just had little issues to correct, and haven't gone the whole hog and got crazy tiny pinched-up nose jobs! Still, I think it's pretty funny that they went in at the same time, and it's kind of cute, in an Essex-y way.

Oh wait....they got paid to do it, and apparently have loads of magazine deals lined up to show off the surgeon's handywork. Boo.

C xx

Kerry Katona says she WASN'T Dropped by CAN!

Kerry Katona has spoken out on Twitter to clear up her departure from CAN associates.

She tweeted...'Contrary to recent press reports, I was not "dumped" by CAN Associates

'It was my decision to leave, as on a professional level my career was taking a direction that I did not want, nor did I feel was appropriate. Furthermore on a personal level, I felt that my integrity had been compromised...

'I have not taken any drugs in the last year and a half - and if anyone claims otherwise, I will sue without hesitation.'

So while Kerry denies being dumped, she does say that she thought her integrity was being compromised. Perhaps the decision not to attend Amy Childs' birthday bash was made in line with this? CAN makes a point of getting all the celebs on its books to be seen as mates, so if this is not really the case, I can see why Kez wouldn't want to pretend like it is. 

Anyway, it's great to hear that Kerry is still drug-free. I was worried for a second there!

C xx

Is Amy Winehouse Stoned in Serbia?


The vocal powerhouse that is Amy Winehouse kicked off her European tour last night in Belgrade, Serbia. However, things didn't go to plan as the singer stumbled abound the stage, struggled to take off her shoes and half-heartedly mumbled her way through her set.

She began with 'Just Friends', the video of which you can see above. Amy arrived for the show an hour late, repeatedly walked off stage, leaving her band and backing singers to do their best without her, and was eventually booed by many of her disappointed fans.

Amy was thought to be doing well with rehab and getting her life back on track. However, this video seems to show that her attempt to get clean has not been successful.

I really hope that she can get herself sorted out. It's such a shame to see anyone in this state, but with Amy's history, it's even more distressing.

C xx

Cheryl Cole and Ashley Move Back In?

The News of the World has a huge story today on Cheryl and Ashley Cole moving back in together at their £5million marital home in Godalming, Surrey.

It reports that the two spent their first night back together just having fun and relaxing in one another's company. Their source says "[Cheryl and Ashley] were saying what a special night it was. They were mucking about like old times just playing pool, smoking and having a few drinks.

"There wasn't any awkwardness between the two of them and they seemed very comfortable together."

The article is very quick to refute any suggestions that the pair actually did the deed during their night together, but does strongly hint that a full-on reunion is just around the corner.

This is just an extension of the 'Cheryl and Ashley Back Together' rumours that have been going around for months now...but it is intriguing, as this is such a bold claim to make. The actual text of the story focuses on this one night, so it doesn't seem as though the pair have actually moved back in together, which is annoyingly misleading.

However, It's much more substantial than previous stories in terms of the suggestions it makes. I guess we'll just have to wait for confirmation/denials from Chez and Ash's teams in the coming days and weeks and watch out for any sneaky paparazzi pics.

I hope it isn't true...because as they say, once a cheater, always a cheater.

C xx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Ellie Goulding Takes A Tumble

Check me out on my Segway!!


Bugger. Now I've got sand in my knickers.

Own the shame, Ellie. Own it.

Xtina's a Diva? Well Blow Me Down With A Feather!

It seems that all is not well in the land of TV Talent show judges. First there was the saga that was Cheryl Cole's will-she-won't-she X Factor drama, and now we have reports that Christina Aguilera is acting like a total D.I.V.A on the set of new show The Voice. And the other judges aren't happy about it.

First of all, the Stripped singer is thought to be earning a staggering $225,000 per episode, while her fellow judges are on the much lower fee of $75, be fair, I would still take the lower wage. It's not exactly tight.

On top of that, Christina's excessive entourage and demanding personality have got tongues wagging behind her back. Our ever-trusty 'source' says;

"They are all so annoyed by her. Every time she walks away with her entourage, they talk about her behind her back. She holds people up and never apologizes. When the cameras are rolling, she literally won't shut up. It is all about her."

Oooh. Bitchy.

C xx

Kerry Katona is CANned by her Agency

Dear shy, sweet, retiring Kerry Katona has reportedly been dropped from her PR company CAN Associates (see what I did with the title there).

CAN picked Kerry up after she split with no-good hubby Mark Croft last year. Kez cleaned herself up, got off the booze and drugs, lost weight and seemed to really have sorted her life out. She also has a new show on ITV2, so I wonder what could have caused the rift?

Well, the word is that Kez refused to attend the birthday party of fellow CAN-er, TOWIE's Amy Childs, choosing instead to go out on a drinking sesh with her friends. She was apparently boozing for six hours, and ended up crashed out over a luggage trolley in her hotel. Sounds like a good night to me!

Anywayz, seeing as all CAN's other clients, such as Peter Andre and Elen Rivas were in attendance at the Essex glamour girl's b-day celebrations, we can pretty much assume that Kerry would have been expected to be there too. Her defiance is currently being blamed as the reason for her deaparture, especially as CAN are being so tight-lipped about the whole situation...

C xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley Engaged

After the rumour mill exploded earlier this afternoon, Frank Lampard's agent has released an official statement:

"I am pleased to say that Christine Bleakley has accepted Frank Lampard's surprise engagement proposal here in LA. They are obviously both delighted but there are no immediate wedding plans & the couple will not be making any further comment..."

Exciting stuff for the couple, and i wish them the best. Let's hope that this one stays the course and doesn't descend into Ryan Giggs superinjunction territory...

C xx

Kim Marsh Tells Twitter Critics To Stick It

After the terrible loss of her stillborn son Archie, born at 21 weeks, and the traumatic struggle for the health of her daughter, born early at 33 weeks, Kym Marsh was in no mood to entertain those on twitter who questioned her decision to bottle-feed baby Polly.

Due to the fact of Polly's early birth, Kym has said she cannot breastfeed her daughter as she is not producing enough milk. However, this revelation seems to have provoked a backlash from pro-breastfeeding activists. One tweeted that Kym was choosing "vanity over [her] children" and their health, with one going so far as to suggest that Kym cared more for mintaining the look of her boob job than nurturing her children.
Kym hit back at the comments, saying "Shut up you absolute idiot. You know nothing so go be bitter elsewhere!"

She added "I stayed in bed for three months to bring my baby into this world after losing one so do not dare EVER criticise me. For your information you idiot I did breastfeed for as long as I could, I wasn't producing enough for her to come of her iv and was advised by HER consultant to give formula so we could get her off the drip, not that I need to explain myself to u."

After the spat, Kym messaged her supportive followers, saying "Guys getting a bit tired of nasty pieces of work on twitter. So sad they have to hide behind a computer! Questioning my dedication to Polly! Done everything in my power to get my little girl here. Some nasty pieces of work, honestly."

She's right. Only sad cases would criticise her when she has worked so hard to bring a heathy baby into the world. Breast feeding is best if it is possible, but it it really awful to criticise someone for trying their best and not being to do something which is so publicly proclaimed as the ultimate bonding mechanism between mother and child.

Best of luck in bringing up little Polly...I'm sure you'll be amazing!

C xx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

You're Not Fooling Anyone.

Look at this. Look at it. Vile. After his string of affairs (including one with his best mate's missus), it seems that all is forgiven and forgotten between Toni and John Terry. Frolicking in the sea and under waterfalls in Abu Dhabi, Toni looks in great shape, but seriously bad form.

This is such a fakey-fake 'show of strength' organised paparazzi set-up, I actually vommed a little bit in my mouth when I saw these. This may also partly have been because if Toni's swimsuit/stripper outfit was any smaller, you'd be able to see what she had for breakfast with her legs wrapped around Johnny boy like that.

Just show that you're affected by these scandals, show that you're a pair of normal human beings with feelings, rather than a pair of stage-ready automatons hiding their emotions for financial gain. It's so tacky, and not in the fun way that made WAGS so fun back in 2006!

C xx

P.S I thought behaviour like this was illegal in public in Abu Dhabi?

Bret Lockett: 'Physical' Kim Kardashian Relationship Not Actually All That Physical.

After claiming that he had a five-month affair with newly-engaged Kim Kardashian, American Football player Bret Lockett has admitted that he has never even met her.


He does claim that he has explicit texts and pictures from KK that he can release whenever he wants. However, he hasn't done so as yet...come on Bret, I dare you! If it's true,we're going to need more than the texts released so far, which were completely boring and not even dated.

I call bullshit, but Bret, if you want to prove me wrong, then release something more convincing. Thanks.

C xx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Inbetweeners' Jay To Be A Father

Don't worry, I haven't just given you all a massive spoiler from the Inbetweeners' film, which comes out in August. James Buckley, who plays sex-pest and general liar/exaggerator Jay in the hit series, is expecting the patter of tiny feet to arrive sometime soon with his girlfriend of just under a year, model and ex-FHM High Street Honey Clair Meek. Congrats to the both of them, and good luck!

C xx

Katy And Russell Do Date Night

Katy Perry and Russel Brand are continuously in the news, with most of the coverage being dedicated to whether or not the pair are happy in their marriage. I've always thought Katy and Russell seem like a great couple, and from Katy's tweets it seems that they're very much in love.

Howwever, even the best relationships take work, especially if you have to spend so much time apart due to living arrangements or work committments, like Mr and Mrs. Perry-Brand! A friend of the duo has revealed that Katy and Russel have devised a five-point plan for their marriage, with one of the most important elements being that they have 'date night' once a week when they're both in the US. Apparently, they went to watch The Hangover Part II but spent most of the film snogging in the back row...

I love them.

C xx

Flo Ridin' into a DUI Charge...

Not Flo's, but his is the same as this one...
 The drinks were flo-ing way too freely wherever rapper Flo Rida was at the other night. While driving his ridiculously expensive penis extension car around town, he was pulled over by the police after they saw him swerve in his lane at around 3.30am. The officers could smell alcohol, and so gave him a breath test and other sobriety tests...he failed. Flo's blood alcohol level was DOUBLE the limit.

Seriously? I mean, I know most rappers are hardly great role models as it is, but drunk driving a red and black Bugatti of the most expensive and distinctive cars in the world? That is just pure idiocy. No pity, only the sense of hope that he will get banned and have to leave that car to sit untouched for a couple of years, taunting him from his garage.

C xx


Hello my lovely ones! This is just a quick one to let you know something very exciting that has happened to me recently. I have been offered a four-week internship at Now Magazine Online starting on Tuesday! I'm having to get all my arrangements sorted at the moment, but don't think I've forgotten your needs - oh no! I'm going to try my level best to keep updating here as usual, and who knows - maybe I'll even be able to offer you a few little teasers from work (depending on if I'm allowed to do that)!

Onwards, gossip hounds!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Professional Equivalent of 'Never Liked You Anyway, And You're Crap In Bed'?

According to Cheryl Cole's mum Joan, it was Cheryl's decision not to return to the X Factor in the UK after her dismal reception in the US. Joan says "She was terrified Simon had become her puppet master and she was being turned into his new Sinitta - Simon's little pet. She is determined to carve out a career without him. He'll have to come up with something special for them to even speak again."

To be fair, ending up like Sinitta would be a fate worse than death, but the whole situation reeks of trying to limit the humiliation levels. By taking ownership of not coming back to the X Factor Cheryl can try to reclaim some autonomy and individuality away from the Cowell talent-making machine, but at the risk of cutting off her nose to spite her face.

You know when two people break up, and then one of them hacks into the other's facebook account and leaves messages like "I only went out with you out of pity" and " your willy is tiny anyway"? Yeah. That's what this looks like right now.

C xx

Kim Kardashian to lose a K...

Kim Kardashian has reportedly revealed, much to her mother Kris's chargrin, that she would like to change her surname to Humphries when she marries her fiance (who coinci-creepily is also called Kris) in a few months' time. Kim's mum says "I don't think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries. I think she needs to be Kim Kardashian because she's worked so hard to get where she is."

Everyone seems to think that it's some kind of crazy anti-self move by Kim to want to take her husband's name, but really, how big a deal is it? She can still use Kardashian for work if she wants, and if it means something to her to take his name, then I say go for it. As long as it's her decision and not his, then I see no problem. Step off, mother Jenner...after all, you switched to Kardashian when you got married, and then to Jenner when you married Bruce Jenner...

Adele Back In The Studio Already!

Adele has revealed that she is back in the studio recording the follow-up to her hugely successful second album, 21. The singer has revealed that the new record will have a diferrent feel, saying;

"I have five tracks ready to go. One of them is quite upbeat - a real 'girl power' type of song. I plan to do a cover of the INXS hit 'Never Tear Us Apart' which is probably my fave song of all time. The whole album will have quite a live feel to it."

Sounds pretty good to me! It's going to be good to hear some new tracks from the vocal monster, as 21, lovely as it is, is getting to be somewhat overplayed these days...

C xx

To Bitch, or Not to Bitch?

Daniel Radcliffe has come out and placed himself firmly on the pro-bitch side of the Harry Potter debate. Daniel is adamant that that Molly Weasley's famous "Not my daughter, you bitch!" line from her final fight with Bellatrix Lestrange should remain in the final film.

There are concerns over the use of the word due to the huge young fanbase of the franchise, but it seems that the stars of the show do not think that it will be detrimental to the audience.

Julie Walters, who plays Mrs. Weasley, agrees,saying "[Mrs Weasley] has one of the most famous lines in the books. Everyone wrote to me and said, 'I hope they're not going to take that out, are they?"

Personally, I hope that they keep the line in. It was so emotive in the novel, and if they take it out it will water down the force of emotion felt, making the whole scene fall flat...

C xx

Hello Lovelies

I have finally finished with all my university work, and am a free woman! I have been so so busy over the last month I have had to put everything else on hold! Happily, I can now indulge my love of entertainment news and devote myself entirely to you guys.

It's good to be back...

C xx