Sunday, 12 June 2011

You're Not Fooling Anyone.

Look at this. Look at it. Vile. After his string of affairs (including one with his best mate's missus), it seems that all is forgiven and forgotten between Toni and John Terry. Frolicking in the sea and under waterfalls in Abu Dhabi, Toni looks in great shape, but seriously bad form.

This is such a fakey-fake 'show of strength' organised paparazzi set-up, I actually vommed a little bit in my mouth when I saw these. This may also partly have been because if Toni's swimsuit/stripper outfit was any smaller, you'd be able to see what she had for breakfast with her legs wrapped around Johnny boy like that.

Just show that you're affected by these scandals, show that you're a pair of normal human beings with feelings, rather than a pair of stage-ready automatons hiding their emotions for financial gain. It's so tacky, and not in the fun way that made WAGS so fun back in 2006!

C xx

P.S I thought behaviour like this was illegal in public in Abu Dhabi?

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