Thursday, 9 June 2011

Flo Ridin' into a DUI Charge...

Not Flo's, but his is the same as this one...
 The drinks were flo-ing way too freely wherever rapper Flo Rida was at the other night. While driving his ridiculously expensive penis extension car around town, he was pulled over by the police after they saw him swerve in his lane at around 3.30am. The officers could smell alcohol, and so gave him a breath test and other sobriety tests...he failed. Flo's blood alcohol level was DOUBLE the limit.

Seriously? I mean, I know most rappers are hardly great role models as it is, but drunk driving a red and black Bugatti of the most expensive and distinctive cars in the world? That is just pure idiocy. No pity, only the sense of hope that he will get banned and have to leave that car to sit untouched for a couple of years, taunting him from his garage.

C xx

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