Sunday, 19 June 2011

Kerry Katona says she WASN'T Dropped by CAN!

Kerry Katona has spoken out on Twitter to clear up her departure from CAN associates.

She tweeted...'Contrary to recent press reports, I was not "dumped" by CAN Associates

'It was my decision to leave, as on a professional level my career was taking a direction that I did not want, nor did I feel was appropriate. Furthermore on a personal level, I felt that my integrity had been compromised...

'I have not taken any drugs in the last year and a half - and if anyone claims otherwise, I will sue without hesitation.'

So while Kerry denies being dumped, she does say that she thought her integrity was being compromised. Perhaps the decision not to attend Amy Childs' birthday bash was made in line with this? CAN makes a point of getting all the celebs on its books to be seen as mates, so if this is not really the case, I can see why Kez wouldn't want to pretend like it is. 

Anyway, it's great to hear that Kerry is still drug-free. I was worried for a second there!

C xx

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