Sunday, 19 June 2011

Kirk and Popey Get Matching Nose Surgery!

Towie's Lauren Pope has just announced on Twitter that she and boyfriend Kirk Norcross have BOTH just had surgery on their noses!

Lauren tweets:
'Some of u prob seen already bt me n Kirk did both go...for nose surgery this wkend n really happy with how well it went!

I had a bump were i walked into a door n used to get filler put in it so now i dont need to, Kirk had it broke.

'Both at home recovering like a pair of plums together with our casts on but got to say ive not had any pain at all just a bit uncomfortable!'

Glad to hear that they both just had little issues to correct, and haven't gone the whole hog and got crazy tiny pinched-up nose jobs! Still, I think it's pretty funny that they went in at the same time, and it's kind of cute, in an Essex-y way.

Oh wait....they got paid to do it, and apparently have loads of magazine deals lined up to show off the surgeon's handywork. Boo.

C xx


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  2. I think it's very crazy that they went in as well, and it's type of lovely, in an Essex-y way.

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