Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Kim Marsh Tells Twitter Critics To Stick It

After the terrible loss of her stillborn son Archie, born at 21 weeks, and the traumatic struggle for the health of her daughter, born early at 33 weeks, Kym Marsh was in no mood to entertain those on twitter who questioned her decision to bottle-feed baby Polly.

Due to the fact of Polly's early birth, Kym has said she cannot breastfeed her daughter as she is not producing enough milk. However, this revelation seems to have provoked a backlash from pro-breastfeeding activists. One tweeted that Kym was choosing "vanity over [her] children" and their health, with one going so far as to suggest that Kym cared more for mintaining the look of her boob job than nurturing her children.
Kym hit back at the comments, saying "Shut up you absolute idiot. You know nothing so go be bitter elsewhere!"

She added "I stayed in bed for three months to bring my baby into this world after losing one so do not dare EVER criticise me. For your information you idiot I did breastfeed for as long as I could, I wasn't producing enough for her to come of her iv and was advised by HER consultant to give formula so we could get her off the drip, not that I need to explain myself to u."

After the spat, Kym messaged her supportive followers, saying "Guys getting a bit tired of nasty pieces of work on twitter. So sad they have to hide behind a computer! Questioning my dedication to Polly! Done everything in my power to get my little girl here. Some nasty pieces of work, honestly."

She's right. Only sad cases would criticise her when she has worked so hard to bring a heathy baby into the world. Breast feeding is best if it is possible, but it it really awful to criticise someone for trying their best and not being to do something which is so publicly proclaimed as the ultimate bonding mechanism between mother and child.

Best of luck in bringing up little Polly...I'm sure you'll be amazing!

C xx

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