Friday, 4 February 2011

I Hope This Is True...

Charlie Sheen wants to start his own porn business, according to a madame called 'Felony', which is probably one of the best prostitute names I have ever heard. Tacky in the vein of all prostitute names, but with a knowingly cheeky reference to the illegality of her profession. Smarter than your average tart. Anyway, Miss Felony reckons that she and Charlie had a chat and he wants to star in front of the camera in a flick he would call Charlie's Devils, which is fun, if a little bit obvious. Such an experienced womaniser could come up with a more interesting title, surely? As Charlie himself was hospitalised recently and is currently in rehab, I don't think he'll be responding to this too soon, but I might cry if it's confirmed to be total bullshit.

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