Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lindsay to be Charged with Felony?

TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan is going to be charged with felony grand theft, which sounds awfully impressive. The owner of a Los Angeles boutique says she has pictures of Linds trying on the necklace, and there are also paparazzi shots, like the one above, which show her wearing the necklace that she has not paid for (it's the short gold chain in the picture). Lohan claims that her stylist and assisstants are responsible for sorting out the paperwork required to loan clothes and jewellery, and that she was unaware that this was not done. Poor lamb.

Lindsay has been accused of theft before, most notably after a photoshoot with Elle magazine. She was said to have left with thousands of pounds worth of jewellery, although that all got sorted out without any charges being brought.

While TMZ also report that the District Attorney's Office have said that no decision has been made, they are standing by their reports. All this really isn't going to help with the whole DUI/Prison/Rehab stuff... seeing as Lindsay is still on probation.

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