Monday, 7 February 2011

Chelsy and Hazza Back Together?

Well, well, well. It seems that Prince William isn't the only loved-up royal right now! Sources are saying that my bevoled Prince Harry is back together with his on again, off again girlfriend Chelsy Davy (who, incidentally, lived down the road from me in Leeds a couple of years ago, and she's MUCH more attractive in real life than she is in pictures. Also, my housemates and I had two fish named after them...unfortunately, ChelsyFish died. Sad times).

The two, who were together for five years, were spotted having a great time at swanky members club Beaufort House on the King's Road the other night, and apparently they were smuggled out together in the boot of a Jaguar! I highly doubt that part of the tale is true, but can you imagine if it was?! Amazing.

The pair are known to be pretty much OK with one another after their break-up last year, so it's probably just a case of a catch-up over a few drinks, but I so want there to be secret meetups, canoodling and smuggling out in the boot of flash cars! PLEASE!

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