Friday, 11 February 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Princess!

Kate's legs especially look healthier in the second picture
There have been conflicting reports recently that Kate Middleton either wants to lose weight,or gain it for her wedding in April. While I think she's got a cracking figure anyway, it seems as though she is losing weight quite quickly, whether she is actively doing so or not.

It is claimed that she has already dropped two dress sizes, from a size 10 to a small 6, which would be roughly a US size 8 to a small 4. Personally, I've always though she looked about an 8, but hey ho. Anyway, the fact that she's lost so much weight so quickly is sparking fears that she might end up with an eating disorder, or other problems with food. The concerns are deepened by the fact that William's mother, Princess Diana, suffered from bulimia and struggled to keep her weight low as she lived in the spotlight.

Kate seems like a sensible person, and hopefully her weight loss is just down to nerves about the big day. I'm sure she'll look a million times better if she walks down the aisle with that healthy country girl figure and glow that she is so admired for.

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