Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lindsay Is (Almost) Defos Going To Jail

Uh-oh... Lindsay Lohan is in some serious shizz after her court appearance this morning. Because she's up for stealing a neacklace, she's in violation of her probation, which means that the judge has the right to put her in jail after her preliminary hearing on 10th March.

The judge has offered her a deal whereby she would be in prison for six months, but she would have to plead guilty. If she pleads not guilty, then the judge has the option to haul her skinny bum into jail while she awaits trial. Word is that Linds will probably plead either guilty or no contest, and then try and bargain the six months down to as little as possible.

This whole thing makes me really sad, and I hope that she can persuade the jury of her innocence, if innocent she is, but I really doubt it. Her reputation preceeds her, and I would imagine both judge and jury would take pleasure in sending her down. She is going to be made an example of to the highest degree, and I really don't think that's good for her as a recovering addict.

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