Saturday, 5 February 2011

Katie Price Uses Escort Service...

...POLICE escort, that is! Ha, I make myself laugh sometimes...

Katie Price left her mansion in Surrey earlier to go for a nice little drive with her younger sister, who was driving as Katie has recently had her license suspended for six months due to speeding...tut tut. Anyway, what does your average fame-hungry media-savvy (ex?)glamour model need to enjoy the peace and quet of the countryside? A police escort. Exactly. I use one all the time. Despite the fact that she has cameras following her every move, and despite the fact that she'd go to the opening of an envelope if you paid her, Katie decided that the police were necessary to protect her from the nasty paps, causing a large traffic build-up behind her. Oh well...they're only non-millionaire plebs, so I guess they understood that she needed this excessive protection. 

Well, it seems that they didn't. Some of them even had the cheek to make complaints to Surrey Police, who have released a statement saying that “We are aware that a complaint has been made and the matter is currently under investigation.” Good to know. Bet they won't get anywhere though...normal people don't uually get police escorts, and they don't have loads of horses, or a big pink house. Or massive plastic cartoon boobs. At least we know that those prize assets are safe. Maybe next time she could just go out in a normal car and not tell anyone about it, and then there would be no need for the police at all...Just a thought.

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