Saturday, 5 February 2011

Oscar Performance Updates

I hear that there have been some great choices to perform at this year's Oscars ceremony. Fairly predictably, but also pretty fantastically, home-grown superstars Florence and the Machine will be onstage. However, they won't be showcasing any of their own tunes, instead playing Dido's Oscar-nominated song 'If I Rise', from the film 127 Hours. Dido herself has said that she has a prior engagement, which must be of really huge importance if it means missing the chance to perform at such a huge event as the Academy Awards. I think Florence and the Machine will be a great replacement, though, and I'm sure they'll do Dido proud.

Also slated for a performance is Gwyneth Paltrow, who is said to be singing a song from her new film, Country Strong. Judging by the show-stealing performances on her guest episode of Glee, Gwyneth should be great, and perhaps it will be another way of demonstrating to people that she's not just a sour-puss macrobiotic diet yoga-queen.

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