Thursday, 24 February 2011

U2 To Headline Glasto...great.

Everyone's least favourite humanitarian whiner, Bono, will headline this year's Glasto festival as part of U2. The classic rockers are pretty excited about the gig, with The Edge (I can barely even type the name without revulsion at the pretentiousness of it all...) says;

"We're so excited to get to play in front of the world's greatest festival audience. It's more a way of life than a festival. We're all looking forward to coming back to pick up where I left off, U2 will be playing June 24th…we'll see you there."

I like U2's older stuff, but the more recent albums...they're pretty meh. Hopefully they'll make a big return to form, and Bono won't be a dick and try to harangue festival goers and guilt trip them about their western consumerism and the price of their tickets compared to the annual income of an African family while swanning around with his ludicrously expensive sunglasses and hats and his remaining millions in the bank that he keeps for himself and doesn't donate to the causes he supports....sorry about that...he irritates me, as you may have guessed!

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