Friday, 11 February 2011

Born To 'Express Yourself' This Way...

Today saw the release of Lady GaGa's new single, Born This Way...and it's just more proof that all she really is musically is a rip-off Madonna merchant. There is no originality or flare to her new song; rather it is a cheap copy of Express Yourself, but without any of the force and vitality of the original. I guess the  spoken section makes it a little bit different though...oh no...hang on a minute...Madonna did that too, in Vogue.

Born This Way just lacks a sense of life, giving the impression to the listener that GaGa doesn't really care enough to be original. I know that her whole mission statement is originality, but this is not it.  Far from being a progression from her last output, is a total backwards move. GaGa said that she was going to change the world with this song, and while that was never going to happen, she hasn't even made a slight impact on pop music with it. I've heard more originality this year from far less successful or idolised artists. I've never been a particular GaGa fan, although I have always enjoyed her songs at parties or clubs. This, though, I would happily never hear again, given the fact that I already have Madonna's classic to go to if I'm in the mood for it.

Even as a bit of a skeptic of the 'mother monster', I am beyond disappointed. Madonna should totes sue. That's teach her.

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