Friday, 4 February 2011

"The One That Looks Like Justin Bieber" gets mistaken for Justin Bieber...

As much as it pains me that this is the first thing I put on this blog, it amused me, and it's UK-based, which are both good things.

X Factor losers One Direction were in LA a little while ago, and Liam Payne has just revealed that while he was there, walking down Sunset Boulevard, he was chased by screaming Justin Bieber fans. Now,  I know first-hand of this tweenage affliction, 'Bieber fever', and believe me, it aint pretty. Pre-teen hormomes are an uruly beast, and I sure as hell wouldn't like to be at the centre of a gang of Bieberites. Imagine the hair frizz, the start-out acne, the grabby, sweaty, Joseph Conrad so elegantly put it..."the horror! the horror!"

Liam said of what was no doubt quite an ordeal "It's a compliment, but I want to be known as Liam from One Direction, not Bieber. Think I need a change of look."

I couldn't agree more, Liam.

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