Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dramz for Cheryl and Derek

A source close to Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough has spoken to The Sun about the pair's troubled relationship. Apparently, ever since their New Year's break in South Africa, things have been increasingly strained between the two. The source states that Cheryl has spoken to Derek and told him "they should not push things." At a recent meeting, the source describes how Derek was worried that he couldn't understand what Cheryl was thinking, as she seemed less tactile than usual, but at the same time seemed to be happy to see him. The poor lad just wants to know where he stands!

Cheryl has recently spoken to Heat magazine about her remaining feelings for ex-husband Ashley, and how difficult the last year has been for her with her divorce and her life-threatening malaria. Perhaps Derek just needs to listen to what his lady is saying and try not to push her too far until she's ready.

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