Sunday, 6 February 2011

James May Has A Hissy Fit On A Plane

He looks like a right smug git here, as well.
 Top Gear presenter James May is getting slated today for throwing a diva tantrum on a British Airways flight from Texas to the UK. He had been told that he would have to be downgraded from Business Class to Economy, but decided that sitting with the riff-raff was not the sort of thing that a distinguished T.V personality such as himself should have to put up with. This then resulted in a family of four who had paid £16,000 for their tickets being shoved out instead.

May defended himself by stating that he absolutely, completely HAD to write an article for a newspaper on the flight, which clearly could only be done in the plush surroundings of Business Class, where you incidentally get better food, drinks, entertainment and a more comfy chair. Obviously, a family has no need of  any of these things, and are therefore only worthy of cattle class.

A source from BA decided to (anonymously) tell it like it is, saying that "James May was a complete arrogant oaf – a complete diva. He lost the plot and began ranting about being given special treatment. Staff buckled and had to downgrade premium-paying passengers." What a charmer. Clearly, May's cuddly on-screen persona isn't quite as close to reality as you might hope. I bet him and Jeremy Clarkson slag off the great unwashed alongside making racist remarks about Mexicans and belittling gay people and women.

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