Friday, 4 February 2011

A Prettyboy Square-Off to Fight for Cheryl's Love?

The tabloid world is rife with gossip over the seeming fact that Ashley 'can't keep it in his pants for five minutes' Cole is trying to win back his ex-wife Cheryl Cole, who he cheated on FIVE times. That's not a one-off mistake, that takes some serious conscience-killing cheating skillz.Anyway, Nation's Sweetheart (c) Cheryl found new love with dancer Derek Hough, who looks gay as the day is long, but apparently is not. (She's got a type, hasn't she?)

'Sources' say that Ash is now so wracked with guilt at what he did, and so jealous of Cheryl's new-found happiness that he wants her back. He's ready to play on Cheryl's good naure, as she "feels bad if she ignores Ashley and still has a sense that she should be there for him." Personally, I think that's a bit drippy. For goodness' sake woman, he cheated on you so many times and broke your heart! YOU OWE HIM NOTHING.

Anyway, this has understandably pissed Derek off, and he's not prepared to let Ash muscle in on his relationship. So, the tabloid theory is that there's going to be some kind of showdown between the two. However, Derek's mates say that "He was raised a Mormon, so violence isn't Derek's thing and he isn't likely to behave like a thug, but he will stand his ground." Oh. Well that's boring. Hopefully he'll call Ashley and they'll have a strongly-worded argument, which will be recorded by the phone-hacking journos of the British Tabloids.

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