Saturday, 24 September 2011

The X Factor USA

Us lucky Brits are now getting to see the X Factor USA alongside our own original version, just one day after it's aired in the States. I watched the opening show last night, and I have to say I much prefer the UK version.

Maybe it's the way the US version is just that extra bit more OTT, or maybe it's the way you only see about 3 actual auditions in an hour...mostly I think it's a humour thing. I don't like Paula Abdul. I find her grating, in a way akin to feeling sandpaper dragged across my eyeballs. The 'funny' contestants just aren't quite as good...there's something off about the whole business.

I get the feeling that there are more contestants who are trying to boost an acting career or something, rather than actually wanting a career in singing.

Oh, and my major beef? CHERYL COLE. The Cowell said she looked bewildered on the panel...she didn't look bewildered to me! She looked comfortable, happy, funny and sparky. You know - like herself! In contrast, Nic Scherz was like some kind of wet lettuce. She doesn't have Chezza's mix of warmth, bolshiness and success tinged with her working-class roots. Basically, she comes across as fake, and it's jarring.

I really don't think I'll be watching much more of the series...Let me know your thoughts.

C xxx

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