Saturday, 10 September 2011

Beyoncé has some serious pregnancy cravings!

Ever since she completely upstaged everyone at the VMAs by announcing her pregnancy, Beyoncé's been swanning around Croatia and Italy, being all glamorous and stuff.

Even though she's the human physical embodiment of perfection, she's still succumbed to the one thing that no pregnant woman can control - cravings.

A source has been blabbing about Bey's baby munchies, claiming that she's been chowing down on oreos with gerkhins, milky way bars with hot chilli sauce and bananas dipped in ketchup. Totes vom-worthy.

On top of this, the source also seemed pretty grossed-out that the megastar was breakfasting on croissants filled with melted Dime bars...I think that sounds delicious, and I might even have it for my Sunday breakfast in the morning!

C xxx

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