Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back in Business

Ohhh my goodness, I have been away for so long it feels like I've just completely abandoned my beloved blog! Don't worry, I'm still here, still alive, still obsessed with all things celeb.

Since you last heard form me, I've completed a month at Now! magazine, where I learned so much and had some great experiences. I got to interview Charley Speed, the rather sexy judge from Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, as well as Ellie Redman, the slimming queen of TOWIE.

I managed to do a good few small fashion pieces, as well as film reviews for the mini-site 'love the summer vibes', which was made with Ford Fiesta. I was also allowed to take on a couple of small pieces which appered on the Now! website.

Best of all, I was sent on a (paid!) assignment to do a workout with the Black Eyed Peas trainer and Mr. too-cool-for-school Black-Eyed Pea himself, Taboo! O.K, so Fergie and were supposed to turn up and didn't, and as a consequence the story didn't go in the mag, but hey! Who cares? I got to do some amazing stuff and meet some great people,both on jobs and in the office.

My excuse for the last month is that I'm on a freelance contract working 9-5.30 every day with a hefty lump of travel time, and I've moved house.

Never fear, though. I am back and super excited to get back to being your one-stop-shop for celeb news and gossip! Watch this space for a landslide of updates...

C xxx

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