Saturday, 17 September 2011

Matthew Fox Gets Off Lightly

After he allegedly drunkenly punched a a female bus driver in the breast and vagina last month, I thought Matthew Fox was for the high jump - you can't go punching people in their sexy bits! It's just not the done thing.

However, it seems that the law for celebs is, once again, different from the law for us plebs. Police officials in Cleveland have decided that no charges will be brought against the LOST actor, although the woman with the (alleged) bruised tit and vandalised lady garden is still going to sue for around $25k.

If there's not enough evidence to bring charges, then I don't think she'll get her dolla. But still, good on her for trying. If he really did punch her in the foof then that's just pathetic. He'll totes never get a girlfriend again.

C xxx

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