Saturday, 10 September 2011

All-New Big Brother

I have not watched Channel 5 in years.

Last night, I tuned in of my own free will to watch the launch night of Big Brother 2011. As a fan of BB from the beginning, I felt that it was my duty. I didn't watch too much of Celeb BB (even though I love it) because my other half has been home and banned me from watching it when he was in. We didn't have the internet at this point, so Icouldn't watch it back later, either. Devo'd. I feel as though I genuinely missed out on the Kerry-Lucien-Amy love triangle and the beautiful, if cruelly cut short friendship between Paddy and Sally.

This time, it's going to be different. The other half is back on nights. We have internet access. I'm going to win.

Watching the launch last night, I remembered how much I loved Brian Dowling back when he was an unknown, slightly tubby, screamingly camp stereotype. Now, he looks like a ventriloquist's dummy, with his varnish-coloured face and coiffed to perfection hair. His delivery's pretty wooden too (I'm here all week, thanks guys...). However. I'm still rooting for Brian, and I'm looking forward to seeing him loosen up over the coming weeks.

Sure, the production is flashy and kind of unintentionally choppy, but it works. I especially liked the massive close-ups of the contestants' faces on the side of the house as they made their entrance - talk about unflattering! Every spot, blackhead and wrinkle was on display up there, magnified a hundred times - and man, was it ugly. In an absolutely AMAZING way.

I'm working on a run-down of first impressions of the housemates, which I'll share with you later on today.

C xxx

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