Monday, 2 January 2012

Want to get in Cheryl Cole's pants? Just ask her builders!

Urgh, gross, horrible, vile.

Just before she hopped across the pond to try and make it big in the USA, Cheryl Cole bought a house in London's posh Hadley Wood. When she jetted off to the US, she decided to get the builders in to make some improvements.

However, it seems as though she's hired a bunch of perv-tastic, privacy-invading cowboy arseholes.

An undercover reporter got wind of what was going on, and asked 'a source' about it. They were then told the following:

“Yes. Cheryl’s clothes. I have some of her knickers, some tops, bras. How much will you pay me for the picture inside the house? Give me an offer for both - the clothes and to go inside the house.”

Absolutely awful. If this is true, then someone is going to get arrested. And sued. Even if it isn't true, it's a terrible thing to even lie about.

Cheryl is a celebrity, yes. But there is no justification on this earth for rooting through a woman's underwear drawer and inviting strangers into her home.

Hopefully this turns out not to be true...if I was Cheryl, I would be stacking up quite the legal team right about now.

C xxx

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