Sunday, 8 January 2012

Welcome to the BeyBe!

So, the fabled coming of the blessed child has finally happened!

Reports are now swirling that Beyonce and Jay Z have welcomed a baby girl, as Bey gave birth by scheduled caesarian section on Saturday 7 January.

There has been some confusion across the Twitterverse about the name - I initially reported it was Blue Ivy Carter, and was then corrected to Ivy Blue...but now it seems that "close friends" of the couple are confirming that the name is indeed Blue Ivy!

I actually like the name Ivy, and I guess I can cope with Blue as being part of the grand old celebrity tradition of giving your child a 'different', 'interesting', 'stupid' name.

Well, regardless of name confusion, date of birth confusion, fake pregnancy rumours and all the other craziness that has surrounded the almost holy pregnancy of the great Beyonce, congratulations to the new parents! I'm sure they'll do a great job, as they've managed to do the unthinkable so far by keeping their private lives private. Long may it continue for the Carters, although I do want some baby pics asap please!

C xx

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