Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Take Me Out's boozy sex party!

Everyone's favourite Saturday evening show, ITV's Take Me Out, has been splashed all over the front page of The Sun today.

Apparently, one show contestant threw a weekend-long party for the 90 others in a £4.5 million mansion, which was subsequently trashed. Of course.

One of the party attendees gave a powerful description of the elegant social soiree, saying “There was loads of sex going on — people were doing it in front of each other.” Another delightful soul invoked an image worthy of Wordsworth himself, saying, “Everyone just cut loose. There were condoms everywhere.”


An ITV "insider" seemed to revel in the debauchery, as I'm sure the whole thing's going to boost ratings immensely. The unnamed spokesperson said “Take Me Out is known for attracting 'up for it' young people so it's no surprise they want to have a fun party.”

Yep. Fun.

Broken Britain indeed.

C xxx

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