Sunday, 9 October 2011

The X Factor - Who's Out?

So, after finding out the big twist this year is that each judge has to send home one of their own acts, I've just watched the emotional rollercoaster of ad breaks that is The X Factor elimination show.

So, who's got the boot?


Eliminated....Jonjo Kerr

The X Factor's first-ever serving soldier sang a lacklustre version of The Kinks' classic 'You Really Got Me'. I really don't know why talent show mentors allow their acts to sing this song. Really. It has about a three-note range, and most singers tend to go extremely flat with it. It's not upbeat enough to get everyone going, nor is it slow and beautiful.

Don't get me wrong, I love the original, it's just that I've never once heard it work in anyone else's hands. Jonjo is a good singer, and he scrubbed up well enough to be this year's housewife's crumpet if he'd managed to make it past this week. Sadly, it just didn't come together for him.


Eliminated...2 Shoes

The loud, crazy, bright-pink-lipstick-wearing duo from Essex sang Girls Aloud's 'Something Kinda Oooh', complete with topless dancers and a pink convertible. They weren't bad, and we know already that the two of them have decent pipes. I think the staging overwhelmed them, and they were lost in the pink glitterbomb of campness. Although I did love the fact that at the end of the performance, one of them had her lippy smeared all over her chin and face. Amaze.


Eliminated...Amelia Lily

Kelly had a tough job with her decision. The girls is a very strong category, but favourites Janet and Misha were never even going to be considered to leave. That means that only Sophie and Amelia remained. Amelia's performance was good, but not great, while Sophie's was great vocally, but her personality hasn't been put across fully - always an issue for an X Factor contestant. However, Sophie has been a favourite of Kelly's since the very first day - she said that she wanted Sophie to sing at her wedding, remember?!

Give Amelia another year or so, and she might make it further - although judging from her face when Kelly said she was the one to leave, she's not the type to bounce back positively from the rejection.


Eliminated...James Michael

It had to happen. One of Gary's Scouse trio was leaving. We all knew it. Frankie Cocozza was never going home, he's going to be a massive earner this year - the phones will be ringing off the hook to keep him in as he enthralls a nation of pre-pubescent girls with his 'cheeky chappie with an edge' persona. No matter that his actual singing voice is the weakest of all the boys put through. Craig and Marcus were streets ahead this week, Craig especially so, while James's low-key performance was genuinely interesting and engaging, but just not quite on the same level.

I feel for him, as he seems both lovely and desperate to do well for himself. Seeing as he can actually play an instrument, he might be able to come back as a vaguely credible all depends on him.

Let me know what you all think about the eliminations. Do you agree? Who's your favourite?

C xxx

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