Sunday, 9 October 2011

Oooh er, Imogen Thomas disses Katie Price

After Danny Cipriani was spotted emerging barefoot from a house with Katie Price, the work insinuated that they had bumped uglies. Apparently, Imogen Thomas, who has a history with rugby player Cipriani, think this too, because she's been lashing out at Katie to friends.

According to The Mirror, Imogen has been saying some lovely things, such as;

"She looks like a transvestite...Out of every woman in the world, her? She's such a slag."

Ouch. I guess the friendship between Imogen and Katie is definitely over, then? The two used to be pals, but they fell out after Imogen posted a video of Katie singing (badly) at a party thrown at Katie's pink Essex mansion. The Cipriani business seems to have finally severed any ties.

I await Katie's reply with baited breath.

C xx

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