Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rihanna shows her dignified side

After being put through one hell of an ordeal by her ex, Chris Brown, Rihanna is showing her dignity and grace speaking about how she doesn't wish him ill.

The Bajan singer told Esquire;

"It's incredible to see how he pulled out of it the way he did. Even when the world seemed like it was against him, you know? I really like the music he's putting out. I'm a fan of his stuff. I've always been a fan. Obviously, I had some resentment toward him for a while, for obvious reasons. But I've put that behind me. It was taking up too much of my time. It was too much anger. I'm really excited to see the breakthrough he's had in his career. I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have."

She's certainly much more forgiving than I ever would be...

C xxx

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