Saturday, 12 November 2011

Emma Watson's brother to join Made In Chelsea cast?

I sense a family row coming on.

Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, must be SO annoyed at her younger brother Alex if rumours that he has signed up for the third series of reality show Made In Chelsea are true.

Show regular (although she seems to be increasingly not in it) Amber Atherton has said;
"The producers think it would be amazing to get Alex on the show. He's good-looking so he'd make great competition for Spencer."

How. Embarrasing. For a young woman with Emma's credentials, a Reality TV-famous sibling using her name to get on a trashy programme must be a bit annoying.

Adding to the general awkwardness is the fact that Emma was recently revealed to have had a fling with Chelsea cast-member Francis Boulle, who claims to have dumped Miss Watson because she's too famous!

Totes Awks.

C xxx

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